How it feels to be TikTok famous – Satire

Maddy Quigley, Managing Editor

Yes, the rumors are true; I am famous on the popular video app TikTok. As of now, I will not be accepting picture or autograph requests; please respect my privacy. However, I am willing to share my journey as to how I got to where I am now, and that’s the very top, baby.
It all started on a warm September afternoon. I was scrolling through my “For You” page, mindlessly laughing at every other dull video, when the idea struck me. Because being clever comes easy to me, it only took me a mere two minutes to create my world famous TikTok. I logged off shortly after to start my homework. Little did I know, my life would drastically change with that effortless video.
From 100 likes to 1,000 to 500,000, I was blowing up. No one in TikTok history has ever set records with their videos as I did with mine. It was a delicate mix of clever but subtle comedy. I had created a masterpiece, and the people were loving it. They were loving me. The comments were praising me, begging for more. I had finally become a TikTok sensation, earning over 3.5 million views in all.
Though I am famous now and have over 19,000 loyal followers, or as I like to call them, Mads-sters, I’m just like you. Really! I’m still the fun-loving teen I’ve always been; I just so happened to stumble across fame along the way. My mother has always complimented my comedic timing and intelligent quips. I just never thought I would become the living legend I am now.
If you also wish to tackle the incredible world fame I so masterfully conquered, you’ll need to understand a few things. One: you can’t compare yourself to others, especially me. You can’t beat me; I’ve already won. Two: be creative! Although my famous TikTok only took two minutes to create, many of you will not be able to replicate the same level of quality. Try to make something funny like my videos! Three: Stay humble! It is so tiring to see kids on TikTok get a big head after a few thousand views. I couldn’t even imagine.
Anyway, make sure to follow me on TikTok. I probably won’t follow back due to the overwhelming amount of notifications I receive on a daily basis, but I’m sure you can find some inspiration on my page. It isn’t easy being a sensation. In the end, I guess life isn’t all about fame and fortune, only the majority of it.

Maddy Quigley
With the sudden fame came new changes in Maddy’s life such as wearing sunglasses indoors to avoid paparazzi. She basks in the thousands of views, fans and soon to be money on a daily basis.