Chargers recount on memorable gifts they have received


Sachi Chitre, Business & Online Manager

Picking out a thoughtful gift, wrapping it in a box with decorative paper, tying a shiny, satin ribbon on top and attaching a handwritten note is what many people do to make sure their loved ones feel appreciated during the holidays.

The holidays are the season of giving. People who give gifts feel joy when seeing their loved ones’ faces light up. 

“The most memorable gift I’ve ever given was a hand-drawn map of the landscape of ‘Game of Thrones,’ my father’s favorite TV show, and a splatter painting of the Stark symbol from ‘Game of Thrones,’” senior Zoe Sandler said. “My dad said that he felt touched because of all that went into the gift.” 

The happiness goes both ways as the person receiving the gift feels moved by the act too.

Many students have also received unforgettable gifts from people who mean a lot to them. Whether it be a tiny snow globe or an iPhone, the thought is what counts. 

For my 17th birthday, I got a jar from my best friend with inside jokes, inspirational quotes, memories and other notes,” senior Vivian Cao-Dao said. “The gift was really meaningful and really captures our seven-plus years of friendship. Plus, since elementary school, we’d handwrite a birthday note to each other on lined paper.”

Students are grateful for the gifts they receive and thank their loved ones for taking time out of their busy lives for keeping them in mind. Even though the gifts may not be handmade, the thought is what counts.

For my 16th birthday, I got a car. It was a BMW 5 Series,” sophomore Sorabh Kumar said. “I think my parents bought it for me because they were seeing me become more responsible and they wanted to gift me for what I have done. They have seen some of the hard work I have been putting in and they wanted to repay me. I would like to thank my parents for everything and hope to make them proud.”

Some choose to give experiences rather than physical items to create memories that last forever. These gifts can make people come together and form a stronger relationship.

“My uncle took me to a fancy restaurant in D.C. and we saw ‘Wicked’ when I was 12,” freshman JoJo Ellis said. “I was very thankful because the seats he got us were really nice, and it made me closer to my uncle. It is special to me because I found out I liked theater and it made me want to do theater in and outside of school.”

While some gifts may be spur-of-the-moment decisions, others require careful planning, and some even choose to make certain gifts themselves.

“I spent about eight hours straight making it, [knowing] that he would love it,” Sandler, referring to her “Game of Thrones” gift, said. “After everything that he has done for me, I wanted to give something back to him.”

A gift can have a different meaning to each person. Students often reflect on the gifts they still have today and look back on them as a keepsake memory, as they are related to a special moment in their life.

“Among all the gifts I’ve ever received, the one that I cherished the most was a huge teddy bear; I was five years old when I received it from my father when he went on a business trip,” senior Shivani Gurrapu said. “To this day, the teddy is a big part of my life because it serves as a constant reminder of my childhood days.”

Regardless of a gift being big or small, the thought is what is considered. During this holiday season, giving a memorable gift to a loved one will be a great way to ensure their holidays are filled with joy.