Cradle to victory: boys’ varsity lacrosse looks toward a promising season

Aria Nagai, sports editor

Cutting through the midfield, stringing together passes up and down the field, checking people with their sticks, lacrosse is a fast-paced, intense sport. The varsity boys’ team has been preparing for the upcoming season, looking to advance far into the postseason and win the region title back from 2018.
“We’ve been working during the offseason, and it looks like we’re up there in the state in terms of rankings,” senior Clark Saben said. “This year’s goal is to try and pull everything together and pull off a state title and hopefully get revenge from two years ago.”
Each team member plays a critical role on the field, and bringing individual skills together makes a strong team.
“As a goalie, besides stopping goals from going in, my main role is being the leader of the defense,” junior Cameron Goodloe said. “I keep everyone organized so they all know what to do and help us keep a tight defense.”
Many of the players who were on the team last year were underclassmen and have improved and worked on their game over the past year, leading to a promising season ahead.
“We have some underclassmen that were already pretty talented their freshman and sophomore years, but they were pretty small,” Saben said. “Now they’ve got more muscle, which is an important part of lacrosse to make sure you don’t get bodied around.”
The team went 4-5 last season and looks to improve its record for the upcoming season. Even with minor coaching and player changes, the team has young talent that the players believe will help them be successful this season.
“I think the most important part for the season is working hard in practice. We have all the good players; we just need to gel together as a team,” Goodloe said. “We have a lot of returning players from last year, so it’s pretty much the same team. We all already know each other and we’re all really close, so hopefully that helps with the team dynamic.”
As the season begins to ramp up with many scrimmages and games underway, the team encourages students to come out and support the promising group..
“The games will be really fast and exciting,” sophomore Aidan Gobaira said. “Lots of goals should be scored, there should be lots of big hits and checks that will make the games entertaining for everyone watching.”