Health-related clubs offer practical experience for students


Anagha Gummadivalli, Staff Writer

In today’s world, doctors and healthcare officials are critical for the well-being of society, taking care of billions of people across the world. Health clubs play a much-needed role in the structure of the world, emerging as top programs among Chantilly’s ranks. The school’s health-related clubs include Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), the Red Cross Society and Future Health Leaders (FHL). Many students join these clubs in hopes of pursuing careers in medicine. They hope that these clubs will help them gain the experience they need for their future professions. 

“It helps health students have more of a network when they are learning and choosing professions,” senior and HOSA member Avery Golla said. “It’s also beneficial for college students going into a health career who want access to opportunities and information.” 

There are annual competitions held by HOSA, in which students compete to display their ability to respond to life-threatening situations, and have the opportunity to take a health care issues examination. These competitions allow students to win awards and gain recognition throughout HOSA’s chapters. 

“HOSA is more competition-based, so you learn business skills along with different avenues of healthcare,” senior and FHL board member Hridya Pillai said. “[FHL] brings in guest speakers and talk about what they do.”

Students interested in health-related careers take up opportunities to gain experience in  medicine, hoping to network and make connections. 

One of the most valuable skills members say they have gained from HOSA is a unique blend of not only health and medicine skills, but also business skills that prove to be very helpful throughout students’ future lives and careers. 

“Since HOSA is competition-based, we have a mix of business skills along with clinical skills as well,” Pillai said. “We go to districts, and then states, and then we compete internationally, just like other clubs.”

Since HOSA is more for students who already have their minds set on a career path in the medical field, Future Health Leaders (FHL) aims to introduce students to health professions to let them decide if they really want to pursue health-related careers. 

I joined to learn about different jobs in the medical field,” sophomore and FHL member Sreya Devarakonda said. “I want to achieve a thorough understanding of college paths and what each field deals with.”

Although students in these clubs are only in high school, networking is a very important skill that shapes the rest of a person’s life. With guidance from experienced club sponsors, students can gain the tools to start building their health-related career.