Coronavirus Diaries: Haerin So


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Haerin So

Coronavirus Diaries is a series of diary-type entries written by students and staff documenting the day to day activities and experiences in quarantine. If you are interested in submitting an entry, contact us at [email protected] 

8 a.m.: At this time my first alarm goes off. I quickly run out of bed to turn it off, then hurry back into my warm sheets and go back to bed. This process continues for another hour or two, in 15-minute increments. 


10 a.m.: I’m completely awake by now, and chances are my laptop lies on my lap desk, and I’m checking my email or reading headlines on the New York Times or Washington Post. I also like to make a general running to-do list of tasks I’d like to get done sooner or later. After around 30 minutes, and if it’s nice outside, I’ll go for a 30 min jog or run around my neighborhood and end my workout with a few HIIT workout videos off of YouTube. 


11 a.m.: Now, I start getting ready for my day! I’ll take a quick shower and do my skincare routine and pick out an outfit from my three coronacation combinations: a sweatshirt and leggings, a sweatshirt and sweatpants or a t-shirt with running shorts. My brunch normally consists of some sort of toast, yogurt, and fruit. 


12 p.m.- 3 p.m.: I like to dedicate these four hours to work. Although it varies day by day, I usually have one to two video calls a day, whether it’s for an interview for my website or a club officer meeting. Otherwise, I’ll work on any loose assignments for my website or clubs, or start a lesson for a few self-paced courses I’m taking online. I’m also constantly thinking about ways to expand my current pursuits or find new opportunities. 


4 p.m. – 6 p.m.: Now, I’ll hang out with my family and play with my dog until dinner (usually around 6 p.m.). One positive way to stay occupied during this scary time that is probably shared with many of us is to spend more time bonding with our families. Especially during the school year, I usually wouldn’t get home until around 5 p.m. from after-school activities and once I did, I would have to go straight into doing my homework, leaving me with little time to spend with family. 


7 p.m.: I reserve this hour fully to focus on cleaning something around the house. Some fun projects I’ve done so far: rearranged furniture in my room, cleaned out my closet, transformed our old laundry room into a second pantry. It’s a good way for me to stay occupied, and I’ll usually turn on a podcast or show to stay entertained. 


8 p.m. – 1 a.m.: I’ll start to get ready for bed and try some new face masks at times. For the next few hours, my time is solely dedicated to relaxing: ranging from scrolling aimlessly through my TikTok For You page, journaling and reflecting, watching a few episodes of a show or picking up a new book. My favorite discovery of coronacation so far is the show Money Heist which is available on Netflix and is seriously awesome. 


Although it’s hard to be social distancing and quarantined within our own homes, it’s crucial that we all do our part in helping this global crisis and find ways that we can contribute, even if it may not be physically. Honestly, using this time to foster growth within ourselves may help us see things about ourselves previously unknown. Use this time to pursue your passion project, experiment new cooking or baking recipes and try new things. Keep checking in on your friends, family, teachers and coaches, spread positivity, and stay safe!


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