Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day from home: Educators continue to support students and stay active in furthering their education


Catherine Xu

Students recognize during this time that their teachers are doing their best with the limited resources given to them. While interacting through Blackboard Collaborate, many students express their appreciation for their teacher’s hard work with grateful messages in the chatroom.

Catherine Xu, Arts&Style Editor

With students quarantined at home, it has become increasingly obvious how crucial teachers are for a quality education. Through all of the technical issues and mishaps with online learning, teachers have stayed focused on providing students with information as updates rolled out about distance learning and AP exams. Being responsible for educating and guiding young students throughout their journey to adulthood can be exhausting, and sometimes it can be easy for students to overlook how hardworking their teachers are. To commend their efforts, people around the country celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week on the first full week of May with gifts and kind words. This year, students reflect from their homes on all the times their teachers have supported them.

“Something I appreciate about my teachers is their charisma and their ability and passion to teach,” senior Stephen Hwang said. “They care for their students in different ways and take their time to catch up with each of their students, especially during this time.”

For many students, teachers pass down much more than just academic knowledge. They serve as role models and advisers who can enlighten students with their various experiences and wisdom.

“I appreciate the life lessons that I learn from my teachers. My teachers are real with us, tell us what it’s going to be like in the future and why it’s so important to do certain things now,” freshman Jewelle Sanchez said. “For example, my history teacher told us countless times to control what we can control, like how we spend our time.”

While everyone is at home and deprived of a physical social environment like school, many students are finding themselves in low spirits. Teachers and counselors recognize this and many have been sending messages to check in on students’ mental health. Now more than ever, teachers are paying attention to both students’ educational and social needs.

“What I appreciate about my teachers is definitely their dedication to making sure we are not only caught up in missed assignments or topics, but also making sure we’re healthy and spreading positivity,” senior Maynaire Wang said. “Mr. Clement always starts out his lessons sharing pleasantries and then spreads positivity and wisdom with his quote of the day as a source of encouragement.”

Educators recognize how unexpected and unprecedented the current lockdown is. With so many days lost and a much shorter amount of time to review material, many teachers are doing their best to make sure students finish covering relevant exam material and are accommodated for the grades they lost with appropriate assignments. 

“I appreciate how understanding teachers are during this time,” Sanchez said. “They realize that during a pandemic, school isn’t the first thing in our minds. There are people directly affected by the virus and they’ve adjusted the curriculum to something we can handle at this time.”

Like students, teachers are also dealing with unexpected changes in their lives due to the pandemic. Despite how difficult it may be for them to handle their job and simultaneously manage aspects of their own lives that have been affected, they are still selflessly using their time and effort to support students.

“It can often be hard to balance family responsibilities during such an uncertain time alongside the need to possibly finish or review the curriculum for students, so I really appreciate that,” Wang said.

Many teachers are even exploring the options on Blackboard Collaborate to try and make online class even more engaging and fun for students. Using the poll, emoji and whiteboard functions, teachers can allow students to express their opinions and visually compare them to others. Although this system is still relatively new for everyone, teachers are finding ways to best utilize the options they have available.

“I appreciate that all my teachers are finding new ways to make distance learning as successful as possible,” junior Neha Periyapatna said. “I would especially like to shout-out my English teacher, Mr. Steck, for going the extra mile to even create a YouTube channel.”

Although students and teachers are not united in a physical classroom, students can still celebrate and appreciate their teachers from the safety of their homes. Online learning may not be the most ideal way to learn, but in spite of our present situation, teachers are continuing to stay motivated in educating students.

“I thank teachers for being so passionate about helping others learn. I’d imagine it can be hard seeing the same set of kids everyday and teaching the same thing every year,” Sanchez said. “However, they still manage to be bright and learn better ways to teach.”