Coronavirus Diaries: Snehal Oberai


Junior Snehal Oberai poses with one of her many baking creations. Like so many others stuck at home during quarantine she has used baking as a creative outlet.

Snehal Oberai

Coronavirus Diaries is a series of diary-type entries written by students and staff documenting the day to day activities and experiences in quarantine. If you are interested in submitting an entry, contact us at [email protected] 

12:00 p.m.– Since school has been canceled due to the virus, I have consistently woken up at around noon– maybe it’s because I’m just so tired from prepping for AP exams, baking everything in my kitchen and binging Netflix all day. But whatever the reason, being able to wake up without an alarm is honestly the best, and really, nothing matches up to that feeling of satisfaction.


1 p.m.– I usually go on my phone and scroll through Instagram while lying in bed from when I wake up until my feed gets so boring that I end up seeing the same memes or I feel food deprived. 


2 p.m.– At this point, I usually eat some yogurt or something to hold me over until I get to eat something substantial for lunch at around 4 p.m. I typically like to go through the news to get updated on more corona-esque and election type topics, and it also allows me to procrastinate some more on working. 


3 p.m.– At this time I just stare at my bookcase and try to get myself to actually work, but instead, I just waltz into the kitchen and make the smart choice to bake for the forty-seventh time since coronacation. The last things I ended up making were macarons and crème brûlée, because why not. I love experimenting with new French and Italian pastry techniques, so being able to channel all of my energy into learning them is probably the most fun thing about my day. 


6 p.m.– After a great procrastination session, I usually start to feel bad for not doing any substantial work, so I pull out those AP books and read a chapter for my science and math classes because I can’t really end up winging those on the exam from what I remember, which to be honest is basically nothing. 


8 p.m.– I typically end up FaceTiming my friends around this time every day. Maybe I just consider it to be a break from staring at my work, but we always chill and have fun because we can synthesize what we did on any certain day and just talk about how we all did nothing worthwhile. 

10 p.m.– This is usually the end of my productivity for the day. Now I just go to my room and watch my current favorite show, “Grey’s Anatomy,” until around 2:30 a.m. while texting a couple of my friends here and there. With the show, I find all of the medical terms and drama from each episode interesting to follow, and it’s kind of nice to have an end to my day with something that I tried to keep up with even during school.