Letter to the senior staff


Catherine Xu

We’ve made so many good memories here within the sassy lilac walls of Room 228. Know that we’ll miss each and every one of your smiling faces next year. We love you all.

Dear seniors,


This year has passed by so incredibly fast, and with the current COVID-19 lockdown, we are all so sad that our time together has been cut short. Despite this, you have all inspired us as not only journalists, but as fellow students and friends. With your effort and determination, you guided us to constantly improve our magazine and ourselves. Though you may not realize it, we recognize how you exceeded your responsibilities to help our first-year staffers and improve the existing elements of The Purple Tide. Even though the previous staff was such a tight-knit community, you all welcomed the new staff members with open arms and urged them to contribute to class discussions. You treated everyone equally, level of experience aside. Our newbies have never felt so connected to you as they do now, and it is thanks to your amiability. We truly appreciate how organized and involved you have all been in running and mentoring this staff of crazy people. With so many of you leaving (more than half of the staff!), we are grateful for how you continually pushed us to do more. It is honestly shocking how early we ended print nights compared to last year and how much our page designs have improved. Even faced against something as unfathomable as a pandemic, you have continued to encourage and guide us as journalists to provide meaningful stories for our students, staff and community.

Aria Nagai, you’re insanely talented in practically everything you do. You make writing seem so effortless and stop at nothing to make us all laugh and feel comfortable. Your dedication towards the paper is honestly surreal, and it is reflected on the sports pages when under basically every picture, we see ‘Aria Nagai’ written underneath. 

Alyssa Lusk, you were a great copy editor and such an easy person to approach. Your calm attitude and outgoing personality never ceased to amaze any of us. Your constant banter, laugher and unique ideas will be missed. The corner of room 228 will feel emptier with you gone. 

Austin Burcham, you provided the best insights for article ideas and had such a unique perspective on literally everything. Your knowledge and opinions on arbitrary events happening around the world was so helpful and brought such a distinct element to the staff. 

Caroline Aronhime, you were undeniably one of the most well-informed and intelligent staff members. You were always there to not only help us with our articles and edits, but taught us to grow as writers and editors of The Purple Tide. We’ll never forget your words of wisdom and accepting demeanor.

Maddy Quigley, other than having arguably the best style among all the staff members, you were also quick to get your work done and had a great work ethic. You always finished your backpage way before it was due and would be one of the first editors to sign people off. We’ll miss you, tall TikTok champ.
Momiji Barlow, it’s almost hard to feel sad around you. You have this amazing ability to make people smile and laugh, and you continuously helped each and every one of us by providing the most constructive edits. Additionally, when you finished your work as a managing editor, you refused to stop working and aided the EICs in their tasks as well. Your efforts, love and respect for us and the paper will be missed dearly. 

Nyla Carter-Ogden, you were by far the most considerate and chill editor on staff. You would constantly ask us if we needed help with anything and would always make sure your assistant editors were comfortable and learning well. With your glowing skin, bright smile and amazing charisma, The Purple Tide staff has definitely lost a shining light. We will try our best to replicate your selflessness and generosity.

Priscilla Woo, you are overall just the kindest and most unknowingly genuine person. Every time the class would commend you for getting your work done five years early, you would be confused by the praise, as if you didn’t understand what all the hype surrounding you was about. Well let us tell you: your presence in our classroom is unlike any other. You make anyone who talks to you feel so comfortable and accepted. You are truly a legendary editor and friend. 

Sachi Chitre, you are so sweet, a real lifesaver and a great teacher. You didn’t hesitate to help each and every one of us when we would repeatedly ask the same questions about fundraising, design and just anything really. You were a business genius and we’ll miss having your intelligent poise and radiant kindness in Room 228. 

Sam Brunner, your witty, opinionated remarks in class about the most random subjects always kept us on our toes and made us all laugh. You often passed your phone around the class to collect names for articles to edit at home and we all really appreciated you as a studious copy editor. Thank you for just being an overall brilliant and unique addition to the staff.  

Sarah Ahmed, you’re such a fun and friendly spirit to be around. Despite us having to tell you that you need to save your pages, we love you dearly and we’re going to miss that cheeky smile of yours. We hope you continue to bring joy and laughter to the people around you.

Taruni Addanki, you’re just about one of the most hilarious people to have walked this earth, and we will all miss the weird things you talk about in class. With such an easy-going personality, you have a close relationship with each and every person on staff, and we will all miss you so much upon parting. Don’t worry about us. We know we will never find someone with as talented handwriting as you, but we’ll try to find an off-brand Taruni to write articles on the board in the future. 

Alessandra Tazoe, the amount of work you did for the news magazine this year is definitely unprecedented. You gave your blood, sweat and tears every day to publish the news magazine flawlessly, and your constant zeal and love for this program never went unnoticed. We thank you for not only being a great leader and role model, but also for not being afraid to tirelessly work behind the scenes. We can only hope to replicate your shining example.   

Sarah Raza, you are just such a spectacular leader. We know you really love and care for us and our magazine, and we are so grateful for your presence in the classroom. You’ve always got something smart or enlightening to tell the rest of us, and when you get chaotic it’s even better. You don’t understand just how much we love you, your entertaining rants, your journalistic pride and most of all, your aggressively sweet hugs.

Sydney Tucker, honestly what can’t you do? A great writer, leader, chef, entertainer, you honestly do it all. Despite having such a high position in the classroom, you were one of the most approachable people and took each and every one of us under your wing. You honestly have the perfect combination of goofiness and maturity, and that’s what makes you such an inspiring role model for us future leaders. We’ll miss your beautiful hairstyles, crazy stories and hilarious personality.

It hurts us to know that each and every one of you talented, hardworking and passionate human beings will be leaving the staff this year. But it excites us to know that we will always have the wisdom you parted with us and the very same passion for journalism that you all imbued in us. While you may be leaving the staff physically, your patience, care and enthusiasm for the news magazine will continue to be reflected within the pages of The Purple Tide. Seniors, you are now furthering beyond the room of 228 into a world far greater, a world we all know you will continue to dominate in. When you’re there, strive to be nothing short of the role models you were in journalism; strive to be nothing short of the tireless workers you were; and most of all, strive to continue to be the greatest creators and visionaries. When you’re out there doing bigger and better things, remember where you came from. Remember your times in journalism, because we will always remember you. Don’t worry about us anymore, we’ll carry the torch and further the legacy you all have created. Thank you, we wish you all the best.


With the greatest of love and appreciation, 

TPT Staff