Clubs adapt to a virtual environment


Photo used with permission of Yatra Karki.

Chantilly Amnesty International member Yatra Karki sends solidarity messages written by club members on October 2nd.

Gayatri Dhavala, Business Manager

Despite school being online for all students, various clubs have found alternative ways to start the school year. With many students finding new passions over quarantine, certain clubs at school offer opportunities for them to engage in these activities virtually.
One such club is Amnesty International, a global human rights organization that advocates for human rights policies and keeping government officials accountable.
“The club will be having separate projects such as letter writing, sending solidarity messages and so much more, along with meetings every week to keep the club running in synchrony so that students can be more involved,” senior and co-president Amanda Nguyen said.
Another club transitioning into the virtual environment is Future Health Leaders (FHL). It offers exposure and advice to those interested in a career in the medical field.
“The club invites health care officials as speakers to engage students in the medical field, and motivates many students towards their interests within it,” senior and FHL president Sri Konagalla said. “Being in this club opened my eyes to more about what I wanted in this field.”
Other students are also passionate about careers in scientific areas. Women in Science empowers and supports women to pursue various branches of science.
“This year, the Women in Science club is planning on having upperclassmen panels where underclassmen can ask about their science classes according to what they are passionate about,” said sophomore Jewelle Sanchez.
The board members of these specific clubs are making efforts to expand their club virtually so that their students can stay engaged in these activities. These and many other clubs have virtual enrolment options, and their information can be found on the school website activity page.

“Even if making our club virtual is a crazy shift, we are looking forward to starting the year in a positive way,” Konagalla said.