‘Tilly Teachers: Biology Teacher Kaitlyn Sullivan

Luke Barlow, Staff Writer

What made you interested in teaching, and was there a particular moment you decided you wanted to become a teacher? If so, when?

I did not go into college with the idea of majoring in teaching. Both of my parents are nurses and so is my older sister, so going into college I was more interested in the medical field and therefore majored in Biology. I did not want to become a nurse like my parents, I was more interested in becoming a doctor. However, my sophomore year of college when thinking about my future I realized I did not want to spend the next ten years in school and decided to start looking into other things I could do with a Biology degree. At the University of Maryland they have a program called Terrapin Teachers which allowed you to go to local schools and teach science. I immediately fell in love with teaching and was able to combine my love for science with my new found love for teaching.

What has been your favorite moment of teaching at Chantilly?

I can’t pinpoint a single favorite moment from teaching at Chantilly. Two more general favorite things at Chantilly… Last year I team taught with Mrs. Tanner. I loved team teaching with her. I learned so much from her and gained an amazing friend from it! Another favorite general thing I love about Chantilly, and I know this may sound cliche, is that I love that although each day I teach my students- every day my students are teaching me. Whether that be teaching me more about themselves or about what I am teaching from the questions that they ask. Love every moment of that!

Have you thought about teaching other classes in the science area besides Biology? If so, which one?

I would love to teach environmental science and am working on getting my Earth & Space Science Teaching Certification.