Bob Woodward’s “Rage” reveals shocking information about Trump’s presidency


Zoe Rosas

Rage by Bob Woodward explores Trump’s presidency

Zoe Rosas, Staff Writer

Bob Woodward is an esteemed journalist, with 13 best selling books and contributions to two Pulitzer Prizes; he is greatly respected for always searching for the truth. In 17 interviews, Woodward learns all he needs to know about Trump’s decisions regarding his presidency.  Outlined in Woodward’s book “Rage,” he tackles President Trump’s decisions concerning the pandemic, and North Korea.

At the very beginning of the book, Woodward chooses the quote, “I bring rage out,”which sets the tone for Woodward’s array of evidence about Trump’s presidency. 

Using cold facts and direct quotes from Trump, Woodward points out his constant downplaying of the pandemic and unpopular decisions. 

Woodward suggests that Trump refused to face the facts about the pandemic. Woodward also refutes Trump’s past assumption that the virus would go away on its own, claiming that it was medically false and misleading to the public.

“If he downplayed the pandemic then he wouldn’t have done what he did, with thousands of ventilators and equipment,” sophomore Jonathan Thomason said.

Concerning North Korea, Woodward notes how North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attempts to appeal to Trump’s craving for flattery in the letters they exchange. From calling each other “Mr. Evil President” and “Little Rocket Man,” the leaders meet, and change their perspective on each other. Kim even goes as far as to address Trump as “Your Excellency.”

“Kim Jong Un mocked Trump in the letters they sent each other,” sophomore Ethan Liu said. 

 What is unique about Woodward’s style of writing was his usage of clear and direct quotes, straight from Trump himself. The way Woodward was able to pull information from Trump that the national news hadn’t covered yet was a sign of how much Trump trusted Woodward. Explained with evidence, quotes and commentary Woodward points out the “vague, directionless nature” of Trump’s comments towards his plans for his presidency.

“I am always open to learning more about politics; I’ll definitely take a look at some summaries,” sophomore Ella Sabzevari said. 

This book reveals a new perspective on Trump and his presidency, a fascinating read in these uncertain times.

“It’s crucial to be involved in politics so we can improve our country, reading books like these allows us to become educated,” sophomore Somaya Elaoud said.