Art of the Issue: Janmeet Gujral


art by Janmeet Gujral

Janmeet Gujral’s digitally drawn eyes top as her best work yet

Zoe Rosas, Staff Writer

Sophomore Janmeet Gujral is a self-taught artist who is learning how to master digital drawing, she has already produced many beautiful pieces and creates for hours a day. 

How do you create your art? 

I use digital drawing, watercolor and acrylic paint. 

Where do you get inspiration from? 

Nature, anime and randomness help my creativity flow. 

Why is this your favorite piece?

I feel like it’s my best work so far because my ideal art style is realism. I feel that this piece shows me that I am inching toward my goal of realism. 

What significance does this piece hold for you?
This piece reflects me in the way that I feel like my eyes are my most redeeming quality, so I emphasized them.