Manifesting helps find inner peace, achieve desires


photo contributed by Taylor Ko

Junior Taylor Ko manifests with a set up that includes her manifestation diary, crystals and candle.

Rhea Rajeev, Staff Writer

The basic principle of manifesting is that your physical world is generated by your thoughts. According to Kelsey Aida, in your life experience, whatever you concentrate on (consciously or subconsciously) is what will turn up.

 Manifestation uses the law of attraction in which positive thoughts contribute to positive outcomes in the life of a person and negative thoughts generate negative results. Numerous practices are involved with manifesting, but according to research visualization and writing down your desires have seemed to be the most powerful way to connect with an external force, the universe. 

Over the past few months, videos on manifestation have taken over TikTok and they include tips and even user evidence to show how effective manifestation techniques have been for them.

“I usually manifest because I want to find ways to help better myself and also improve my connection with the universe as a whole,” junior Taylor Ko said. “I mainly manifest to improve my self-confidence or self-love, simple things that help make me feel better and more connected with my higher self.” 

However, manifesting doesn’t always produce results. According to Vox, if the universe doesn’t want someone’s manifestation to happen, it simply won’t happen. Sometimes, it’s just not the right time, and the universe will wait for the right time.

“Some hazards and risks of manifesting are that some people can get a big ego and a desire for more and more,” junior Veronica Szachara said. “They go from living and experiencing life to just emptiness and always craving more. Because of this, the energy is no longer positive, and it can cause harm.” 

According to Lifehack, negative energy restricts the ability of a person to become something wonderful and live a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. This negative energy can transmit through various forms. For example, says that if someone were to manifest for another person without their permission, then this can actually interfere with the person’s vibrations, energy or path that the universe has for them. This could cause the person chaos and discord in their life, even with good intentions.

According to the Legends of America, utilizing crystals for manifestation helps foster physical, moral and emotional healing. Each individual crystal represents a certain element. For example, a healing crystal, clear quartz is said to aid concentration and memory. Through the use of crystals, the hazards can be minimized as they allow you to achieve your desires faster and create a better alignment with the world.

“I manifest in order to set good intentions for that day, week, month or year,“ junior Katelyn Gallaher said. “In order to set these intentions, I use different crystals and stones during meditation.”

Certain people have been wearing crystals for thousands of years in order to change all aspects of their lives, such as love, riches, wisdom and intuition. For those that manifest, crystals have always been more than just an object denoting status; they enable the possessor to make their innermost dreams a reality. 

“Manifesting and the Law of Attraction are open to all and there aren’t really any requirements if you want to get into it,” Ko said. “You mainly just have to be willing to expect change whether you like it or not and be open to the ideas and possibility that this path will help you reach your higher self and allow you to become more at peace with yourself and others around you.”