Art of the issue: Morgan Lee


photo used with permission of of Morgan Lee

Junior Morgan Lee creates art work using colored pencils.

Kayla Radler, Staff Writer

Q: What is your inspiration for drawing

A: My main inspiration for drawing is usually, I like to tell stories through my drawings, so I like to share my drawings through storytelling, which is the main inspiration behind it.

Q: So, why did you start drawing

A: I grew up watching cartoons and anime and I really like how you could tell a story with just some illustrations. So, that’s kind of what got me into drawing. Just drawing what I liked and what I could make out of them.

Q: Do you like to sketch or paint?

A: I doodle an array of things. I mainly just sketch and sometimes I do paint. I also do digital art as well.

Q: What are your favorite things to draw?

A: I really like drawing people.

Q: Do you like to color your drawing or just leave them blank?

A: Usually when I do have the time I will try to color them. I think they look more visually interesting when they are colored.

Q: Do you draw using models or free

A: Usually it will be from a picture in my mind. If I need a reference I will google a reference photo. But, that pretty much it.

Q: Do you want to create a comic or something with your drawings

A: Yes I do. when I’m older I do want to make my own animated cartoon of sorts and I am kind of working on a comic right now