Field hockey begins with fresh start


photo used with permission of Christine Cosgave

The current varsity field hockey seniors.

Bella Witter, Staff Writer

Like other outdoor fall sports, field hockey has taken a hit from COVID-19. This year, the season started on March 2.

“Usually, during the fall time we have really nice warm weather,” senior Zoe Perkins said. “So this season, we may have to work around cancellations due to the inclement weather.”

Field hockey used to give players time to hang out with their teammates and bond with coaches, but due to COVID-19, they can not interact in the same way they used to.

“I miss seeing the social interactions between the athletes. There is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing an athlete be successful or achieving a goal,” Davenport said. “I love seeing them learn how to work together to be a team. Most importantly, I love seeing them enjoy the sport.”

Green days, optional training days during the off-season, weren’t available during the quarantine. Many players had to train on their own to stay in shape so that when the season began they could still play efficiently. 

“Field hockey usually starts up in the summertime with green days and conditioning,” Perkins said. “I have made it a priority to stay in shape with the season in the back of my mind, and throughout the year of 2020, I sort of ran my own green days.”

Typical March weather has everything from rain to sunshine. Slippery fields are a potential problem. Athletes will need to stay warm and hydrated. 

“Weather plays a huge role in most sports. Between the snow and the cold, it is going to be a huge challenge,” JV field hockey coach Lindsey Davenport said. 

Training had been altered to follow the guidelines put into place by VHSL. Players are not allowed to go at least six feet near each other during practice or share any equipment. Mask must be worn off the field at all times with no exceptions.

“What I miss most about practices and the overall season is just having that outlet to go to after school. Practices and game days were a way to relieve some stress and forget about the school day,” Perkins said. “I miss all the game day shenanigans, team dinners, and the fun goofy moments during the pre-season.”