Students have hopes for prom


photo courtesy of unsplash

Students are hopeful and are looking forward to having a prom this year.

Natasha Guharoy, Staff Writer

Plans for prom are still in the making, but so far there is hope for the event to happen this spring. Prom is a popular formal event that is hosted and sponsored by high schools for juniors and seniors to attend. Many students see importance in this event, as it signifies the proximity of graduating, as well as a chance to celebrate with classmates.

“I’m really excited to see all the people I haven’t  been super in touch with for the last year and a half,” senior Anushka Motaparthy said. “I’m also really excited to dance because I haven’t been to a school dance since freshman year, so I haven’t had the chance to dance in so long.”

Seniors show optimism toward the idea that prom may happen, but also understand that prom may be cancelled if circumstances arise for the safety of students and staff. The class board of 2022 and 2023 continues to plan for prom with COVID-19 restrictions in mind, such as requiring masks to be worn at all times and social distancing when students are not dancing.

“I’d suggest the school or FCPS do a COVID-19 test to all those who want to attend, but it will be difficult to do that,” sophomore and Class Board of 2023 member Siddarth Dadhi said.

For the safety of students, the location is still being decided, and most likely only seniors will be allowed to attend prom, to cut down on the number of people attending.

“To be honest, we are just trying to figure out how the basic prom structure would look, so I don’t know of any special activities, but this is why we’re on the board. We’ll make it special,” Dadhi said.

Students are also looking forward to the traditions, such as shopping for dresses and suits with friends and family.  

“A prom tradition I’m really looking forward to is taking pictures at the national monument which something a lot of seniors do,” Motaparthy said. “I would be really disappointed if prom is canceled since it’s something that I, and most of my classmates, have been looking forward to for a really long time. If it was cancelled, I would still probably dress up, hang out with my friends and take pictures.”

With there being much to confirm for prom, many seniors are remaining optimistic and still hope to celebrate with their friends and dress up regardless. When prom was cancelled last year, seniors showed perseverance as many dressed up to take pictures and show off their outfits, and hangout outside with a few friends. 

“It would be great if prom would be able to work out successfully and safely this year,” senior Elyse Ladia said. “If it’s safe enough, I would definitely love to go and get the experience of having a prom.”