Humans of Chantilly: Ganesh Rayavarapu

Aarthika Krishnan, Managing Editor

What does Project ASPIRE mean to you and how does it benefit the community?

SEWA International: Project ASPIRE has given me a great opportunity to help people and communities and spark my passion for tutoring. This project is dedicated to offering tutoring services and sparking academic interest in underprivileged kids, making it incredibly beneficial to nearby communities. 

What inspired you to become a tutor?

Ever since I went to Rocky Run Middle School Homework Helpers club, I have discovered one of my hidden passions of interacting with younger kids and motivating them academically and socially. My satisfaction and desire would always come from whether I successfully taught my students and gained their interest. 

In what ways have you assisted the needs of underprivileged students during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are currently assisting the academic needs of communities within Fairfax and Prince William County public school districts by planning efforts around tutoring kids. I have recently planned to start an active physics curriculum and chess club for kids who have passions and interests in these fields that will help kids be engaged during the pandemic. 

What advice would you recommend for peers who are academically struggling during this time?

My advice to students during this time would be to use all of the available resources effectively. Public libraries and projects offered by SEWA International and other non-profit organizations are probably the best resources available. If kids have access to technology, they should go to trusted and popular resources, like Khan Academy and TED Talks, to increase both their knowledge and motivation for learning. Also, students should recognize the importance of the social aspect by meeting with peers both in-person (by following social distancing rules) and virtually to increase their knowledge and make learning fun.