Counselor spotlight: Rebecca Funk-Clonts


courtesy of Rebecca Funk-Clonts

Counselor Rebecca Funk-Clonts attends a baseball game with her family.

Kayla Radler, Staff Writer

Sub-school 3 counselor Rebecca Funk-Clonts likes to collect bobbleheads from sports games. She has them on display in her office.

1. What sports do you like to watch? What are your favorite teams?

I love to watch baseball and hockey. My two favorite teams are the Washington Capitals and the Washington Nationals.

2. Do you prefer watching them live in person or on the TV?

I like to go to live games, especially for baseball. My family has season tickets to the Washington Nationals and the Washington Capitals. I have been to many playoff games, including the Stanley Cup and the World Series.

 3. Where do you like to watch your favorite games?

I love to go to the games in person, but it is too much of a hassle to go during the work week, so we usually go on the weekends. If I can’t watch the games in person, I watch them on the TV or listen to them on the radio. I don’t miss many games on the TV or the radio.

4. What else do you do in your freetime?

I like to exercise. My husband and I do triathlons in the summer, so we spend a lot of time training.

5. Do you have a favorite activity to do outside?

I like to run, bike and swim outside. I also really enjoy walking my dogs every day. I love to be out in the fresh air.

 6. Where did you get all of the bobble heads that you keep in your office? Do you like to collect them?

I collected most of my bobble heads from the games. Each team has special “giveaway games” that you can attend and get a bobblehead. The Nationals will let you reserve the “giveaway prize” from a game even if you can’t attend. The Capitals don’t allow that; you have to attend the game to get the “giveaway.” Sometimes the giveaway is a cool shirt, hoodie, key chain or headphones.