Personal Column: Providing tips to underclassmen as a senior


Infographic by the United States Census Bureau

The more the students engage in extracurricular activities like sports, lessons, and clubs, the higher the percentage of students are engaged in school.

Sanyu Srikanth, Staff Writer

From the beginning of freshman year, the graduating class has undergone many experiences that have enlightened them with new wisdom. Now, as the underclassmen are getting ready for the upcoming year, I would like to share some advice on how they can thrive and enjoy the rest of their years at school to the fullest.

The stress that comes with maintaining grades, it can also be an exciting experience. School isn’t just about studying and getting good grades, but it’s also about trying new things, making new friends and broadening your horizons. In order to really make the most out of your high school experience, getting involved in extracurriculars and providing a chance to meet new people and gain new learning experiences. 

I especially recommend taking part in clubs surrounding theatre, STEM, arts and politics because they give students an opportunity to discover themselves and allow them to become more active members of their community. Looking back on my four years here, I am glad that I was a part of the theatre department because not only was I able to meet some of my best friends, but it also helped influence my future career path in acting.

Time management skills are crucial in high school when it comes to juggling extracurriculars and school work. In order to manage time more effectively, many seniors learned the benefits of using a planner which can help them create a schedule that organizes due dates for homework and tests along with things like club meetings and events. Planning can also help students avoid missing assignments and cramming for tests.

For current juniors, get a head start on the college application process. With some of us having experienced the stress of submitting last-minute applications, seniors understand the loads of time and effort that the process requires. In accordance with Campus Explorer, rising seniors should apply to colleges early and get started on their Common Application essays as soon as possible. When writing the essay, being creative and organized with one’s approach and especially paying attention to directions can help improve the quality of their writing. 

Ultimately, the biggest tip I can offer to underclassmen is that, although you should still try your best when it comes to making good grades, the most important thing to do during your remaining time in high school is to enjoy and embrace every memory you make within these halls—your experience will shape and influence you as a human being more than your grades ever will.