Stringfellow Construction


Hallie O'Rourke, Staff Writer

With the school year just beginning, many students and faculty members are concerned about the ongoing construction on Stringfellow Road right outside of the school. This construction can be an obstacle for students and faculty alike as they sometimes must alter their schedules in order to arrive to school on time.

“I have to get up half an hour earlier [to get to school on time],” sophomore Maddie Berry said.

The temporary inconvenience has impacted members of the community, and many also worry about the time it is taking to complete this project.

“I want it to be over,” junior Pablo Gutierrez said. “It’s taking too long.”

Although many community members believe the construction is necessary, it has still caused problems for both walkers and drivers. To the community, it may seem like this construction is taking forever. This road work is challenging for both the workers and people trying to travel through it because of the difficult location.

“[The construction has been going on] at least three years now,” principal Teresa Johnson said. “[Its estimated completion date] is August 2015, and the last that I’ve heard, they are on schedule.”

After three years of dealing with such an inconvenience, the upcoming end date is good news for many students.

At times, it may seem like the construction and the workers are unorganized and have little regard for the school and the community, but they actually want to finish it as much as many community members do.

“We meet with VDOT once a week,” Johnson said. “They do a good job of communicating. I get four to five emails a week from them.”

Even though this construction can be bothersome to students and faculty, many can agree that the end result will definitely be worth the inconvenience.

“[The finished goal] is to have two lanes going northbound and two going southbound,” Johnson said. “To improve traffic, they’re also closing the median over Blueberry Lane so they can’t turn left out or left into that area anymore. Those are some of the major changes.”

A better traffic flow will improve daily commutes for many members of the Chantilly community, since the confusing and ever-changing traffic patterns of Stringfellow at the moment can be dangerous and cause delays.

“[The road right now] is a problem,” senior Lauren Contos said, “If they had two lanes, then it would be much easier.”

When the construction of Stringfellow Road, one of the most important roads for those who travel to and from school, is finally completed this August, many community members will breathe a sigh of relief.