Athlete of the Issue: Sally Park


photo credited to Coach Gates

The girls lacrosse team completed a shortened schedule due to COVID-19.

Kaylee Baek, Staff Writer

With the lacrosse spring season finished in June, sophomore and lacrosse player Sally Park reflects on the season.

How did practices and games change this season in comparison to previous seasons?

The practices and games were very different from the previous season because of COVID. Throughout most of the practices, we had our masks on and had to stay a decent distance [apart]. We also had way fewer practices, so I think we were less prepared in some of the games.

What do you look forward to next season?

For the next season, I look forward to interacting with my teammates and having a longer season, since this season we didn’t have as many games as we should’ve had. I also look forward to more interactive events so we can get closer together as a team

What does lacrosse mean to you?

This sport is like something I can distract myself from the stress during school because when I play lacrosse with my teammates, I always have fun and it feels like I don’t have to think about school. Also, when I’m running I feel very active and healthy which I love about lacrosse.

What did you like and dislike about this season?

Something I liked about this season was the team dinners and the games. During these events, it was great to be with the team and have fun together. Especially during our Centreville game, we were all so excited to win and were full of energy, even during a rainstorm. Something I disliked about this season was the number of games we had in total. Because of COVID-19, we got to have fewer games than we were supposed to, which was something I was really disappointed and sad about since I also did not get the chance to play any official games from last season.

What are some challenges that were faced this season for you and your team?

One challenge we faced as a team this season was probably communication. Since the sophomores did not have an official season last year, we were pretty much new to each other and not as close. So I think one of the biggest obstacles was team bonding and communication, even though we were much closer later on.