Unattainable Beauty: Girls

Sudharshana Krishnan, Staff Writer

It seems as though there is a constant stream of new products that ostensibly make one more “beautiful.” The expectations for women in today’s society demand a skinny figure, clear complexion and perfect hair.

“It’s almost kind of sad that in order to fit in, a certain gender has to fit into a certain image,” sophomore Randy Weidman said.

The media seems to specifically focus on teenage girls because they are such easy targets. According to the Association for Body Image and Eating Disorders, the average adolescent girl sees over 5,000 advertisements mentioning attractiveness every year.

“I think ‘good looking’ is an industry,” Weidman said. “It’s a matter of always making yourself better by spending money.”

As girls see advertisements of celebrities promoting clothing lines and beauty products, many young women compare themselves to an unattainable level of perfection. The National Eating Disorders Association claims that models are skinnier than 98 percent of women. Also, a recent People magazine survey shows that 80 percent of women feel insecure about their bodies after watching movies and television programs.

“[The beauty and fashion industry] photoshop their models and make them look like dolls, which is not what they really are,” sophomore Rosie Rivera said.

The media’s prevalent use of Photoshop makes women who are already insecure about their bodies even more worried about how they appear to others. According to the University of Central Florida, 50 percent of girls ages three to six were already worried about their weight.

“It’s sad because when you are five or even ten, you’re supposed to be thinking about playing tag with your friends, not ‘Oh, I’m too fat or I’m not pretty enough’,” Rivera said.

Despite the over-the-top expectations of beauty for girls today, no one is perfect; however, it is still important to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. As cliche as it sounds, people do care about what is on the inside, so embrace who you are and do not be afraid to be unique.