FCPS Changes Meals


Joey Durkin, Staff Writer

FCPS has made several changes to the lunch program this year. Lunches now cost $0.25 more, and many of the food choices have been modified to be healthier.

“FCPS is beginning to be concerned with student health,” cafeteria staff member Arun Kumar said.

According to the FCPS website, many of the choices have a reduced amount of calories, fat and saturated fat.

“Most of the food is reduced fat, and efforts are being made to remove most of the grease,” Kumar said. “The focus of the changes is solely with the health of students.”

Additions to the menu have provided variety to the student body. The lunch line has added quesadillas as well as other popular additions.

“I really like the quesadillas and other Mexican food choices,” sophomore Jishnu Medisetti said. “They taste great.”

The snack line has introduced ice cream cups, which are low fat.

“The new ice cream cups are so good,” sophomore Samir Elokdah said. “I get them every day.”

The changes FCPS has made make the food appealing to the students and healthier as well.