Coffee is better than many may think


Caroline Donovan

An iced pumpkin latte and hot chai tea latte are very popular drinks at Starbucks on Oct. 27. Many people are buying them, also because one is seasonal.

Caroline Donovan, Staff Writer

In 2016, 36% of high school students reported consuming some sort of energy drink within a month, and 89% reported having caffeine in any drink, according to PubMed Central. From its diverse range of flavors to its unique taste, it’s not surprising that coffee is the third most popular drink in the United States, according to EatThisNotThat. While coffee has benefits and disadvantages, it’s much healthier than it may seem.

Coffee helps me stay awake in the morning, and I’m not picky about which kind I have. Any coffee tastes great and keeps me on track with my work.

Students and teachers have caffeine because it helps improve concentration, Coffee&health says. According to Healthline Media, there is an average of 32 mg of caffeine present in coffee, which can improve energy levels, reaction time and can help burn fat. It also said that coffee can help the body form connective tissues and regulate the heartbeat

“I’m not a good sleeper [and] I stay up late,” English teacher Tatiana Kinsel said. “So in the morning I need coffee to [stay awake].”

Caffeine is found in multiple popular fat-burning supplements. Students also try a variety of coffee drinks, such as Starbucks’ frappuccinos, that include whipped cream and ice to disguise the bitter taste of coffee, which makes it much more appealing. 

Many people I know, including my family, drink coffee. Coffee puts me in a better mood and helps me have more confidence with schoolwork. 

“I only liked coffee for a bit but other than that I can’t take it, except for Starbucks,” freshman Eesha Chauhan said. “[In general], I don’t like the taste of coffee. I think it’s too bitter.”

On the other hand, there are plenty of students who feel coffee isn’t necessarily healthy for them. According to Medical News Today, some students believe that too much caffeine can boost feelings of anxiety and depression, which is why they avoid it. Too much caffeine can also induce migraines and can make it harder to fall asleep. All three people who have been asked by me disagree.

“I will be much more amicable in the morning when I’ve had my coffee, unlike seventh period when it wore off and I’ve seen kids all day,” Kinsel said.

According to The Daily Meal, drinking coffee can reduce chances of getting severe conditions, like type two diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Coffee can dramatically improve physical performance by stimulating the nervous system, and can even help with weight loss.

Many people overlook coffee and its benefits, but having a cup every now and then can be much more beneficial than many may think.

“I like the taste and I like that it’s versatile, [since] you can mix all sorts of different flavors in it,” Kinsel said.