Students, faculty offer different opinions on pizza

Siddharth Dhawan, Staff Writer

The controversy of what are the best pizzas and pizza toppings has left friend groups and households in turmoil for years now, as everyone seems to think differently about the topic .

As the most popular food in the world according to World Travel Connecter, and with nearly endless topping combinations, opinions over the most delicious toppings come as diverse as the type of toppings that are available.

 One of the most debated toppings is pineapple. Both extreme love and hatred surround this pizza topping—some like the salty-sweet combo, while others appreciate the unique taste it brings.

A poll of 130 people on Jan. 27 during lunch and on Instagram revealed that CHS leans towards no pineapple; 71 people said that it shouldn’t be on pizza while 59 people said it should.

“Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza,” freshman Zayaan Malick said. “Fruits just don’t go well with [fatty] foods.”

According to a poll taken byYouGovAmerica, the more classic the toppings are, the more popular and well-loved they become. Out of 6,000 American adults, 64% enjoyed pepperoni, making it a fan-favorite, while toppings like sausage and mushroom follow at 56% and 54%, respectively.

“My favorite pizza topping would have to be onions,” English teacher Kevin Hickerson said, “They can put a lot of flavor [and] crunch into a pizza, [especially] for vegetarians.”

Research from The Travel shows that Domino’s Pizza was the most popular pizza chain of 2020, but it does have a lot of competitors. Some local favorites of Chantilly include Pizza Boli’s, Buon Appetito, and Paisano’s Pizza.

“Ledo’s is top-shelf pizza,” Hickerson said. “The sauce and dough [create] a perfect mélange of flavor and texture.”

For a pizza to be someone’s ideal pizza, it would have to meet the person’s wants for texture, flavor and looks, allowing there to be thousands of different pizza combinations which cause many differing opinions. According to Serious Eats Dominos has the best thin crust pizza which is a texture loved by many with Papa John’s as a close second.

“My ideal pizza would have a thick crust with a lot of toppings, [such as] pepperoni for juicy flavor and different peppers for some crunch and more juicy flavor,” math teacher Pamela Willard said. “My favorite pizza place is Paisano’s.”

A poll taken on Jan. 27 during lunch and on Instagram shows that 55% of people polled don’t think pineapple should go on pizza, and the others are fine with it.

According to research by Kitchen Flavours, pizza’s popularity comes from its convenience, comfort and satisfaction as well as many other reasons.

“Pizza is a very unique food,” Hickerson said “It tastes good no matter what you put on it.”

“Pizza is a very unique food, it tastes good no matter what you put on it.”

— Kevin Hickerson