Volleyball Senior Night


Hallie O'Rourke, Assistant Academics Editor

The varsity volleyball team had their senior night tonight at home against Westfield.

“Senior night is basically a game we dedicate to the senior so that they can have their last home game and have fun with the team [before they graduate],” sophomore Julia Recto said.

Games are always an exciting event for all members of the team, but senior night is special and different since it celebrates the bonds between the team members as they say goodbye to their fellow senior teammates. This is often a very emotional game as underclassmen teammates prepare special gifts and ceremonies for the seniors.

“We give [the seniors] presents and they get to walk down with their parents,” Recto said. “We all signed purple volleyballs and we’re honoring [the seniors] by giving them big gifts like that.”

Seniors who have participated in other senior nights especially feel a more personal connection to this senior night, since it will be the last one they are playing in.

“This senior night will definitely be more personal since it’s me that’s graduating,” senior Priscilla Der said. “I’ll probably cry like I always do.”

Some people may not be as affected by this experience as others, but many volleyball team members can agree that this is a memorable experience, and that it means more than just another game.

“It’s definitely more special since it’s the last time seniors will play here in the gym and it’s very bittersweet,” Der said.

The personal bonds made between the team members also have a large effect on the emotional level of senior night.

“I think this year’s senior night is going to be a lot more emotional [than last year’s] because the seniors are so nice this year,” sophomore Noelle Riddle said.

The team is also inspired to work extremely hard during the game since they want to make it a night to remember, especially for the seniors.

“I think we’re going to win because everyone will want to win for the seniors,” Riddle said.