The Knightly News


Daily filming of The Knightly News

Students enrolled in the broadcast journalism class, led by Mrs. Clare Gartlan, are hard at work everyday to provide the students of Chantilly High School updates of news both inside and outside of the school. The show, The Knightly News, has now started to produce daily episodes to keep students in the know.


“My goal this year for The Knightly News is to perfect the daily show that we started last year,” Executive Producer Ryan Rickard said, “and from there, hopefully we can start shooting live shows.”


The daily show serves to provide students with announcements regarding after school events and other things that are going on that day or that week. These announcements used to be said over P.A. system, but are now aired on The Knightly News and can be covered in greater detail.


“I think that the audio announcements have been overlooked in the past, so I believe that the daily edition of The Knightly News is a good way to catch students’ attention to the announcements being made,” said Rickard.


The staff has been hard at work in order to produce a show that is as close to a real news show as possible. They are now trying to incorporate different segments such as “Student Spotlight” and “World News”. The Knightly News mainly consists of feature stories on students, teachers, and clubs at schools.


“My proudest moments in my experience with The Knightly News has been any moment when staff members are hard at work and they come in early to school or stay after in order to help produce another episode of the show,” Executive Producer Morgan Bedford said, “After the class is over, and we feel like we put in our best work to accomplish another show, is when I am very proud of our staff.”