The Purple Tide

Junior Hallie O'Rourke sits with a statue of the Davidson College mascot, the wildcat. Visits to colleges such as this one can help students decide where they may want to attend or apply.

The road to a liberal arts education

Hallie O'Rourke, Opinions Editor
April 8, 2016
Senior Michelle Kim sports a fashionable pink turtleneck, one of the trends of this winter season.

The turtleneck strikes back

Hallie O'Rourke and Alexis Kim, Opinions Editor and Business Manager
February 8, 2016

Is materialism eclipsing the holidays?

Hallie O'Rourke, Opinions Editor
December 14, 2015

Standing with Planned Parenthood

Hallie O'Rourke and Anupriya Jacob, Opinions Editor and Assistant Opinions Editor
November 4, 2015


Hallie O'Rourke, Assistant Academics Editor
June 4, 2015

Reasons to see “Radium Girls”

Hallie O'Rourke, Assistant Academics Editor
May 5, 2015
Photo courtesy of Julia Brunner

Band of brothers

Hallie O'Rourke, Assistant Academics Editor
April 30, 2015
A photograph from the new

Anticipated Movies

Hallie O'Rourke and Laura Sobeski
January 20, 2015
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