The Purple Tide

Phil Dolinger particpates in usual Friday night football game by taking pictures for the players and community. Phil enjoys spending his time capturing memorable moments for athletes.

Focusing on Phil

November 14, 2019

Phil Dolinger : the man behind the lens

Sudharshana Krishnan, arts and style editor

March 7, 2016

Students see him on the field taking photos and athletes hope he has captured the perfect moment of their game. But who is this man standing behind the camera? Phil Dolinger began taking photographs at Chantilly events on a...

Behind the Lens: Meet Chantilly’s student photographers

December 11, 2015

Jaebin Cha While visiting Seoul, South Korea, in May 2014, senior Jaebin Cha noticed a man taking photos of an ordinary street. Cha was fascinated by the foreigner and why he wanted to take a photo of a market street. When...