Chemistry on the hardwood: Boys basketball drives to success


Photo used with permission of Kristen Sabillo

Members of the boys varsity basketball team Ved Desai, Saharsh Salama, Tyler Swindell, and Ivan So communicate with each other while the play is stopped.

Logan Earle, Staff Writer

As the season tips off for the boys varsity basketball team, they look to finish on the positive side, after not having a winning record since the 2016-17 season. In 2016-17, the team finished with a record of 16-11, ending with a loss to Unity Reed High School 50-49 in the playoffs.

Team chemistry refers to the relationship a team has as a whole. A team with good chemistry works well together, communicates and stays on the same page. Without chemistry, players don’t work well together. They turn to selfish play when the team fails to work together. Selfish play can be a liability to a basketball team, whose focus is to work together.

“This year we have much better team chemistry,” junior forward Ved Desai said. “We are all hard workers now; nobody takes plays off.” 

Many sports teams have head coaches and assistant coaches, but they are not necessarily on the court with the players. A leadership role on the court, like in basketball, can give the team more people to go to for help.

“I don’t have many personal goals in terms of statistics or awards. I just want to win games being the best leader that I can be,” senior guard Ivan So said.

The seniors on the team filling the leadership role look to help the younger players feel welcome and involved by helping them get used to the different play styles of varsity basketball. The advice the seniors give helps the new players adjust to the new playing environment. 

“We are more of a younger varsity team,” Desai said. “We probably have five seniors, and the rest are juniors and a sophomore.”

With new members on the varsity team, they deal with changes in the game, whether it be style of play or speed and pace of the overall game. The new players need help getting used to the new environment.

“We have brought in almost an entirely new team,” So said. “All the new guys have come with winning attitudes, which has been great for us as a team.”

As they look to finish with a winning record they started off against Washington-Liberty HS, Wakefield HS, Thomas Jefferson HS and Langley HS. As of Dec. 16 they have a record of 3-3 . With 21 games to play, they must win at least 11 games to finish with their goal of a positive record. 

“The most important aspect for us to be successful is our team chemistry,” So said. “As long as we communicate to each other and remain on the same page, we should be able to be successful.”