Cutting Edge: New Looks for this Winter Season

Hallie O'Rourke and Paresha Khan

Some students enjoy using the hallways as a runway to show their personal style in school. This winter, various new fashionable looks are being worn by the student body and faculty.

“School is a practice for real life when you have to get up and you have to present yourself in a good way,” sophomore Michael Rosegrant said. “In order to present yourself you need to wear appropriate clothing.”

Male or female, young or old, there’s a variety of new clothes that can keep anyone up-to-date in the fashion world.

“I pay attention to what other people are wearing and try to maintain a certain line of

goodness in my clothes,” junior Mohammad Khan said.

Cotton Pants

On the edgier side, cotton pants have become very popular. They are known for being very comfortable, have a unique look since they mimic leather, and can look fashionable with a pair of Sperry’s or Vans.

“I have cotton pants that I really enjoy because [they] look like leather but feel like pajamas,” Rosegrant said.

If students are looking to spice up an outfit, cotton pants can be a more stylish substitute for jeans.

Floral Headbands

With cold weather approaching, there are many opportunities to stay warm and still dress fashionably; especially with accessories.

“[For this winter season], floral headbands are a big [fashion accessory],” math teacher Sarah Decenzo said.

Headbands can be found in many popular stores like Charming Charlie’s and Forever 21. With a dash of color, floral headbands can make an outfit pop. They are very versatile and can match with practically any outfit. Headbands made from heavier-made fabrics are ideal for cold winter weather. There are also athletic headbands which can make a sporty outfit look stylish.

Chino Pants

Just because it’s a little chilly doesn’t mean that fun-colored clothing cannot be worn.

“Colorful chinos with those cuffs on the back are really popular now,” Khan said.

Matching these pants with a chic winter sweater can spruce it up. These pants can be dressed up or down.


The perfect outerwear for women and men, peacoats are known for keeping people warm and fashionable.

“[My favorite winter outfit] would be a really long peacoat with nice pants and dress shoes,” Khan said.

These jackets are clean-cut, functional, and look good no matter what’s under them. Going out but don’t like the sweater your mom is making you wear? Putting on a peacoat can cover wardrobe malfunctions and any unfortunate outfit choices. There are also many opportunities to accessorize these jackets with scarves, hats and even headbands.

These coats can be found at almost any retailer, such as Macy’s, Forever 21, or even Target. Prices range from around $30-$50 and above.

Hunter Boots

Perfect for snow, Hunter boots are a necessity for this winter season, and they can be found in Nordstrom or ordered online from their website. These boots are a bit pricey, with the cost of one pair ranging from $100-$200. They can also be cozied up with thick socks underneath.

“I think boots in general are making a comeback,” junior Lexi Kim said.


An alternative to jackets, vests provide comfort and fashion to any outfit. They are a great  match with riding boots, jeans, sweaters and tops alike.

“I always stick with layers, so a sweater over a button down with jeans and wedges, Patagonia vest and my watch and earrings [make an ideal outfit],” Kim said.