The Purple Tide

“I usually construct my outfit around one simple piece,” senior Celine Hoang said. “The [piece] of clothing I wanted my outfit around was a white button [up].

Fall fashion

October 13, 2017

“It” models take jobs away from those with more talent

Hallie O'Rourke, Opinions Editor

March 7, 2016

With the spring fashion season kicking off, there has been much talk about not only popular styles and trends, but the models as well. Following the growth of social media, models such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been c...

Mens Fashion

Joey Durkin, Assistant Business Manager

February 26, 2015

Fashion trends have been ever changing. Each decade has its own trend, such as 80’s neon and 90’s grunge. Recently, men’s fashion has changed from wearing athletic attire to reverting back to more classic dress, otherwise...

Cutting Edge: New Looks for this Winter Season

Hallie O'Rourke and Paresha Khan

January 20, 2015

Some students enjoy using the hallways as a runway to show their personal style in school. This winter, various new fashionable looks are being worn by the student body and faculty. “School is a practice for real life when...