Mens Fashion

Joey Durkin, Assistant Business Manager

Fashion trends have been ever changing. Each decade has its own trend, such as 80’s neon and 90’s grunge. Recently, men’s fashion has changed from wearing athletic attire to reverting back to more classic dress, otherwise labeled “preppy.”


Flow to Flip

Men’s hair styles are constantly changing. Recently, the hair trend changed direction: from down to up. Hair now seems to defy gravity. The antiquated ‘flow’ refers to long hair, swooping across the face and almost always including bangs. The replacement is shorter hair manipulated to stand up.


Just Do It to Just Polos

A few years ago, it would be challenging to go anywhere without seeing a guy wearing a Nike slogan tee shirt. Now, Nike shirts have been replaced by Polo shirts. These shirts come in an assortment of colors and can be worn almost anywhere as they are considered both casual and formal.


From Too Cool for Jackets to North Face

In past winters, boys seemed not to be phased by the cold – at all. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, it was common for them not to wear jackets. Now, several dozen boys wear jackets, and they wear the same one: a North Face. This brand is popular because it offers enough warmth to be worn outside, but is not so hot that it can’t be worn inside.


Athletic to Preppy

Many students tended to wear athletic shorts any time of the year, regardless of the weather. It seems to go hand in hand with the “too cool for jackets” trend, with guys pretending not to be cold. Now, many guys choose to wear khaki pants. This change shows the general shift to preppier clothing.


Bright to Beige

Flashy and expensive basketball shoes used to be seen on many guys. Even if a guy didn’t play basketball, it was a safe bet that they owned a pair of bright Nike shoes. Recently, the popular shoe to wear has changed to Sperrys. The are very comfortable and have a polished look, so they match and coordinate with the new khaki and Polo trends.


Subtle Socks to Standing Out

Previously, the brand, the style or the color of socks didn’t matter. Today, however, almost all socks worn by males are some form of Nike crew socks despite the exorbitant prices as high as $18 per pair, according to the Nike website. They come in many colors, and are enjoyable to wear because of their comfortable fit.