Fall fashion

“I usually construct my outfit around one simple piece,” senior Celine Hoang said. “The [piece] of clothing I wanted my outfit around was a white button [up].

Kaycee Hubbard, copy editor

Fashion trends come and go with the change of each season. Many perceive fall as the time for scarves, wool hats and flannels; however, this isn’t all that the wonderful season has to offer as it pertains to clothing. Here are the most popular fall trends that are on-the-rise.


Chic Cardigans:

As trees begin to shed their leaves, the sweater becomes a fashion favorite once again. This quintessential fall piece appears in various styles, but the cardigan is most popular this time of year. The item comes in many colors, but muted, soft pigments are in style this season. Its loose fit makes it a great choice for those looking for a comfortable as well as a sophisticated look.

“I usually construct my outfit around one simple piece,” senior Celine Hoang said. “The [piece] of clothing I wanted my outfit around was a white button [up].”

A cozy cardigan is flexible in its adaptability with one’s preferred taste. It can be easily paired with pants or a skirt and a basic T-shirt, or even with a formal, neutral dress. A pop of color can be added with statement footwear or accessories.

“I checked the weather and decided to wear jeans and a light cardigan,” Hoang said. “I thought the colors were dull so I wore bright shoes.”  

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Autumn Colors with Summery Prints:

In the past, many have associated floral print and bohemian-styled dresses with summer. However, this romantic pattern can flawlessly weave its way into one’s fall wardrobe. This fall feel is achievable with the long sleeves and bodice of a flowery print dress.

“I like this outfit because it’s convenient, stylish, comfortable [and] good for summer and fall,” senior Aris Stovall said. “In the summer, I wore it with brown sandals, but because of the rain and cold weather, I decided to wear black booties.”

Combining autumn shades with floral patterns makes these prints versatile and appropriate for more than just the warmer seasons.

“It fits the fall season because of the color and the whole aesthetic of fall,” Stovall said. “Comfort and fashion is always what I look for in my outfits for [the fall] season.”

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Lovely in Leather:

Nothing symbolizes the start of the fall season like a contemporary leather jacket. With temperatures dropping as we make our way into the autumn months, leather jackets are an excellent article of clothing to complete your rockin’ fall outfit.

“It’s very trendy. It’s very hardcore. It’s edgy,” senior Ava Maghouli said. “Leather is at its best in fall.”

Dark-colored leather jackets serve as the perfect piece to spice up a bland ensemble. When matched with a pair of cool jeans and a plain T-shirt, the dark, sleek coloring of the jacket makes a bold statement. Adding a pair of classic charcoal Converse or leather combat boots tops off the look.

“Jeans and a white shirt are classic,” Maghouli said. “[But when you] put a little leather jacket on top, it gives [the outfit] a little kick [and] makes it trendier.”

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