Chantilly hockey club is eyeing playoff success


Terra Nagai, Staff writer

Chantilly’s hockey team consists of many athletes with diverse backgrounds and varied reasons for entering the sport. Being inspired by older siblings, family history and other kids around the neighborhood playing have all acted as motivations for players, sparking their initial interest in hockey. They have fans and students coming to games to support friends and classmates, and have big goals for this year.

This season, the team is on pace for a deep postseason run, and senior and captain Owen Morgan believes that there are high chances for that happening. 

“What makes our team special is that we all really care and want to win games,” Morgan said. “It’s one of the reasons why we’ve had such a good season so far.” 

The team’s record is currently 9-0, remaining undefeated all season, demonstrating that this year’s hockey team is running full steam ahead. 

Just like Morgan, freshman Eli Ehlers believes that the teammates’ shared desire to win and their camaraderie should be credited for their victories so far and used as a tool for success in the postseason.

“The hockey team means a lot to me because it is a fun atmosphere to be around,” Ehlers said. “We are all working together to reach our common goal, which is the state championship.”

Although hockey is just like any other high school team in terms of teamwork and togetherness, if you wanted to know the team’s schedule and roster, you wouldn’t find this information on the Chantilly sports website. Hockey isn’t considered a high school “sport” or “team” because of the potential danger it poses for athletes. 

Neither Ehlers nor Morgan mind that hockey isn’t considered a high school “team” or “sport”; however, junior Noah Loggia feels that the team should be credited and acknowledged.

“I am angry at how hockey is a club sport because we all put in as much work as any other athletes and we don’t earn the credibility we should,” Loggia said.

Regardless of the FCPS stance, the team members all love the fun that comes with working alongside one another to produce results.

“The thing I love the most about this team is that we get to play in front of our awesome fans just about every Friday,” Ehlers said.

Loggia appreciates the team environment, especially the opportunity to spend time playing the sport he loves with his friends.

“I love being around the boys, joking and playing every weekend,” Loggia said.

Although hockey not being an official FCPS school-sponsored team may serve as a controversial aspect of the sport, the players can agree that there is something special about the team.

“This year we have a small roster but everyone comes together toward a common goal,” Loggia said. “We will make sacrifices in order for us to succeed.” 

The team will celebrate senior night at tonight’s game against Freedom, which starts at 6:10 p.m. at Reston SkateQuest.