Pandemic impacts physical condition of many


Photo courtesy of Paparda Tanadumrongsakd

Freshman Paparda Tanadumrongsakd rides her bike in D.C.

Kayla Radler, Staff Writer

According to UCSF, physical activity dropped worldwide due to the pandemic as many people are exercising less, which is worsening their physical condition. Students also noted that homework is causing them to spend more time sitting at their desk, rather than engaging in physical activity.

“I am exercising less during the pandemic because there is no need to go outside,” freshman Paparda Tanadumrongsakd said. “Staying inside is also a factor because there is no need to move classes during virtual class. Online school has affected my condition because I am not able to exercise as regularly.”

In addition to online school, lack of an in-person P.E. class is also worsening the physical condition of many students. Many activities are restricted due to the lack of equipment people have at home, taking away the fun aspect of P.E.

For most people, going outside with friends was an easy way to get exercise. However, hanging out with friends during this time is not an option and causes people to go outside less.

“I dont go outside as much as I should be. If COVID-19 was not going on then I would be going out with my friends,” junior Nathaniel Casotti said.

Most activities are now online or cancelled altogether so this also limits the amount of exercise.

During the pandemic, students can wear their masks and try to play games with their friends, but there are not many games that they can play while being six feet apart.

“Part of [my] exercise [routine] was walking to school and P.E.,” freshman Karissa Yang said. “Now I only get exercise when I go running once a week. [However,] my diet stayed the same.”

According to Healthline, everyday non-exercise activities, such as standing, walking and even fidgeting, still burn calories. So, when students are sitting all day, they are not burning any calories.

However, despite all these shortcomings, many students are actually using the lock down to improve their physical condition. With online school, there is more time to spend for individual activities, and this can actually increase physical activity.

“I exercise a lot more because I have more time. [There] is still an option to go outside, so my physical condition has increased,” Casotti said. “I am excited to be outdoors more. It will improve my health.”