Biden fights COVID-19 with a new plan

See the Biden-Harris Plan to beat COVID-19 for more information at

Anjali Ashok

See the Biden-Harris Plan to beat COVID-19 for more information at

Anjali Ashok, Staff Writer

The U.S.’s record number of coronavirus cases continues to grow, with over 25 million people infected and 420,000 deaths in total, according to Worldometer. However, this upwards trend may decrease with President Joe Biden’s plan to get the pandemic under control.

On Jan. 20, Biden signed an executive order stating that masks are required on federal property. Biden plans to issue a nationwide mask mandate that requires Americans to wear face masks outside of their homes. According to Healthline, if everyone wore a mask, 130,000 lives would be saved in the next three months.

“I think this is a step to the right direction in finally taking this pandemic seriously as we should have from the beginning,” freshman Barsha Parajuli said. “[Not wearing masks] is making the pandemic go on for longer and making it much worse than it needs to be.”

Additionally, Biden will invest $25 billion through a vaccine manufacturing and distribution plan that will guarantee the vaccine to every American, free of cost. His goal is to ensure that the wealthy and well-connected wouldn’t be the only ones with access to the vaccine, as stated by the White House. The Administration is planning to purchase 200 million more vaccines and is currently distributing more than 1.5 million vaccinations daily, prioritizing the vaccine to the elderly first since they are at a greater health risk. By spring, everyone who wants to get the vaccine should be able to get one.

“If enough people take the vaccine, society can develop herd immunity and everyone can go back to meet with people without restrictions,” freshman Sahi Balguri said. “I think another lockdown would be beneficial, especially with the vaccine; infection rates would most likely decrease drastically.” 

The Biden Administration has decided to increase testing so people who contract the deadly virus, know what they’re dealing with. The National Public Radio said that the U.S. began a $231 million deal to provide 15 minute, at-home tests for COVID-19. 

“A big obstacle we have been facing as a country is limited testing,” biology teacher Kaitlyn Sullivan said. “The demand is there for these, but the supply is not.”

The President’s proposal also calls for an emergency paid leave for workers who have contracted COVID-19. Sick leave not only allows families to recover from illness, but also helps slow the spread of the disease by keeping the sick members away from the general population. Biden believes that paid leave is essential to help families stay financially stable across the country.

“It is refreshing to see a leader in charge that is taking the virus seriously.””

— Biology Teacher, Kaitlyn Sullivan

“For many, even one day off a job can affect their salary,” Balguri said. “Paid leaves are very beneficial as they allow people to take leave from work without having to worry about money.”

Although there had been many speculations about another national lockdown, Biden believes he can get the country under control in other means like rapid testing and mask mandates.  

“I don’t completely support the opposition for another lockdown, but I do understand the limits Biden can push,” Parajuli said. “As long as he properly rolls out the vaccine and continues the mask mandates, I support it.”

In contrast to former President Donald Trump’s coronavirus plan, Biden ensures that the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) will provide scientific and evidence-based guidance about the pandemic. According to his plan, he will direct the CDC to either increase or decrease restrictions based on the spread in communities. This includes determining the reopening of schools, social distancing and the restrictions in restaurants and businesses.

“It is refreshing to see a leader in charge that is taking the virus seriously and leaning on scientists to help navigate through this pandemic,” Sullivan said. “Handling COVID-19 through the federal government [instead of] through state governments shows that this is something to be taken seriously.”

Biden has already completed many acts to attempt to decrease the spread of the coronavirus. His strategic objectives are to offer reassurance to some students.

“The productivity that President Biden brings to the White House is relieving,” Parajuli said. “Knowing that everyone will be taken care of with no reason to worry is truly a weight lifted off my already overworked shoulders.”