Athlete of the Issue: Tori Green


photo contributed by Tori Green

On Nov. 1, 2020, senior Tori Green played for Southwestern Youth Association at the Skyline Elite Soccer Club.

Sanyu Srikanth, Copy editor

With the new spring season starting on April 12, senior Tori Green, part of the girls varsity soccer team, undergoes training sessions and practices amongst the changes in team dynamics due to recent COVID-19 precautions.


How has training changed ever since COVID-19?

Training has changed because we need to fill out a COVID-19 form before every practice. However, the actual training aspect hasn’t changed because we’re still able to practice the same way.


What skills do you focus on to improve?

The skills I focus on to improve are my strength and endurance. Endurance is a big part of playing soccer to stay in shape and to be able to do your best for the whole game. 


What do you practice every day?

I practice with my soccer team every day to work on my endurance and speed. I also train separately with a trainer. We lift weights and work on power and strength.


How has your team dynamic changed due to COVID?

The team dynamic hasn’t changed a lot because we still work together as a team. We still try to maintain a routine before practice while doing a little passing and juggling. 


What is your favorite part of practice?

My favorite part of practice is shooting and possession games. We usually do shooting games every other practice which helps the offensive players. The possession games occur every practice as warm-ups before other drills.


What do you look forward to this season?

I’m looking forward to winning the rest of our club games this season because we don’t have that many left before the high school season starts. I’m also looking forward to scoring more goals this season.