The Purple Tide

The different foods and drinks that will be served at prom.

A Knight in the Secret Garden

Chris Longino, staff writer
April 26, 2019
High school on the silver screen

High school on the silver screen

Sydney Tucker, opinions editor
March 28, 2019
Mary Kay Downes speaks with senior and editor-in-chief Nia Hoq. Downes has inspired countless students and fellow journalism teachers.

The Queen’s Odyssey

Anika Mereddy, business manager
March 28, 2019
Senior Nick Giannini and his group of friends come together to celebrate the March Madness tournament by holding a friendly competition to see who gets the most accurate bracket.

Chargers get into the March Madness spirit

Chris W. Longino, staff writer
March 20, 2019
English teachers Julianne Abruzzo and Molli Atallah show off their matching outfits after school. The teachers co-sponsor the literary arts magazine and have formed a tight bond.

Teachers bond in and out of the classroom

Alyssa Lusk, arts&style editor
March 1, 2019
*Sources: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and American Academy of Family Physicians

Personal column: How I have dealt with dysthymia

Sam Brunner, assistant opinions editor
February 28, 2019

Affordable affection

Rachael Gunn, managing editor
February 22, 2019
After the formal dinner at the Waterford Fair Oaks, cadets line up and are presented with awards based on their performance during the first semester. Those with leadership positions are recognized and honored, and new cadets assume their positions for the future.

“Into the wild blue yonder”

Rachael Gunn, managing editor
February 19, 2019
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