The Purple Tide

Source: Guttmacher Institute.  
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Abortion bills challenge future of Roe v. Wade
Nithya Muthukumar, News Editor • October 13, 2021

Nearly 39% of the country opposes the landmark abortion rights case that stood for...

Senior Katelyn Gallaher dressed in her crochet green tank top sweater on June. 6.
Katelyn’s Creations: Fashion mixes with business
Kusum Rao, Staff Writer • October 9, 2021

Selling crochet clothing and accessories, senior Katelyn Gallaher started her small...

Sophomore Alex Morris, senior Orion Hairston, sophomore Rudra Dave, junior Raymond Creeks, sophomore Sebastian Nowicki, junior Brian Creeks and sophomore Colt Craddock warm up for their practice by doing strides on the track on Monday, Sep. 20.
Cross country team faces new season guidelines
Terra Nagai, Sports • October 11, 2021

Competing with masks on, having fewer schools and spectators at each meet and restricted...

Standardized testing became optional in nearly 72% of colleges in the U.S. in 2020 in response to COVID.
Standardized testing for college becomes irrelevant
Rhea Rajeev, Business Manager • October 14, 2021

Scores from standardized testing have traditionally been used to measure how prepared...

According to a poll conducted on the Chantilly News Instagram on Sept. 7, out of 99 students polled, 79% don’t believe advisory is a beneficial class.
Advisory enriches social-emotional learning
Shivani Sethu, Managing Editor • October 15, 2021

Blank stares answer teachers' questions. Eyes glance at phones hidden under a desk....

In a poll of 101 students taken in the cafeteria on Sept. 29, majority support went towards McAuliffe. Youngkin and Blanding tied for the least amount of support while Davis took 12.9% of student support.
A New Future for Virginia Politics: Virginia governor’s election approaches, students get involved
Irene Si and Shivani Sethu October 16, 2021

With a neck-and-neck race between Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, Virginians are anticipating the...