Most popular ice cream shops in the area picked by students


Colin Denny

Baskin-Robbins mint chip flavor that is one of the top five most sold ice cream flavors at their stores, according to Baskin-Robbins.

Colin Denny, Staff Writer

The average American consumes 48 pints of ice cream a year and over 90% of American households eat ice cream, according to Ice Cream History. With the number of shopping centers and malls near the school, there is a sizable variety of ice cream places in the area.


One of the closest ice cream places is Baskin-Robbins, which has two locations within two miles of the school. Baskin-Robbins has over 2,400 locations in the United States and are all locally-owned.

“I love the people I work with,” Baskin-Robbins employee and junior Ella Ostlund said. “Everyone is so kind and overall it is a great environment.”

Baskin-Robbins also has a flavor-of-the-month program where they make new flavors to try every month that often mirrors an event or holiday going on. May’s flavor of the month is called breakfast in bed  which is a buttermilk pancake and maple syrup flavored ice cream and it is for celebrating Mother’s Day. 

On July 17, Baskin-Robbins gives out free ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream day.

“[My favorite flavor] changes depending on which flavors we have during each month, but right now I like Love Potion Number 31,” Ostlund said. “It’s a vanilla based ice cream with a raspberry swirl and chocolate heart shaped truffles filled with raspberry filling.”

Ben & Jerry’s

Another close ice cream place is Ben & Jerry’s, which is located in Fairfax Corner. They currently have around 35 flavors and make two ice cream flavors for dogs. Ben & Jerry’s also sells pint-sized containers of their ice cream in grocery stores.

“Ben & Jerry’s is my favorite ice cream place because it has a huge variety of flavors to choose from,” freshman Devyn Siegman said. “It is in a really nice location near the fountains [in front of the movie theater] at Fairfax Corner.”

They have other perks as well: they produce non-dairy ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream bars and cookie dough chunks.

“My favorite flavor at Ben & Jerry’s has to be everyone’s favorite, chocolate,” Siegman said. “I like it at every ice cream place, especially at Ben & Jerry’s. It’s a classic and simple flavor and it tastes very good.”


Even though Haagen-Dazs has few locations in Fairfax there is one close location in Fair Oaks Mall.

“Haagen-Dazs is my favorite ice cream place because of how there are fewer locations than other ice cream stores such as Baskin-Robbins,” freshman Ryan Thurber said. “It makes it more of a treat.”

They are well known for their ice cream bars that are carried at most grocery stores; however, they also have many different flavors available directly in their shops. Currently, Haagen-Dazs’ most popular flavor is coffee that includes more than 40 milligrams of caffeine per cup according to Mashed.

“Haagen-Dazs has a much richer texture and taste than other ice cream places,” Thurber said.
“My favorite flavor is chocolate because it is just a classic that you cannot go wrong with.”

I enjoy ice cream because it tastes very nice and most of the time there are unique flavors and different toppings that you can try.

— Freshman Devyn Siegman

With summer approaching many ice cream shops will be preparing to have more customers come in with the need for the perfect summer treat.

“I enjoy ice cream because it tastes very nice and most of the time there are unique flavors and different toppings that you can try,” Siegman said. “I like every aspect of ice cream. The taste is the best part though.”