Review: Hometown ice cream stores

Hallie O'Rourke, Editor in Chief

Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot – Clifton VA. 7.4 miles from school.

Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot, located in downtown Clifton, brings together a small town vibe with quality and diverse ice cream products. The shop offers hand-scooped ice cream, shakes, soft serve, sundaes and more, which is one of the reasons why people flock to this location.

“They have so many options, but that’s also something that I don’t like because I can never make a decision,” senior Mary Connell said. “But also, the ice cream just tastes amazing.”

Additionally, the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable. There is only outdoor seating, but at each table, there are board games customers can play while they enjoy their ice cream.

One of the downfalls of Peterson’s is its distance from the school. Some are not willing to drive to Clifton for ice cream, but those who are find an enjoyable experience.

“It’s really cute,” Connell said. “Everybody there is really nice, and it’s a nice place to go get ice cream,” Connell said.


Kline’s Freeze – Manassas VA. 9.1 miles from school.

Kline’s Freeze offers an assortment of soft serve options in addition to fried food such as burgers, hot dogs and fries. The business features comparatively low prices, with the smallest ice cream option costing $2.45. Topping options include the typical sprinkles and nuts but also some unique choices like chocolate shells.

“I usually get a medium waffle cone with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles,” junior Esmeralda Gallegos said.

Located in Manassas, the ice cream shack has been a staple in Northern Virginia for many years.

“It’s been there for a long time and has really good ratings and you usually see the owner working there with the other workers,” Gallegos said. “It’s really nice.”

One of the downsides is how far away this ice cream shop is located. However, many who have made the trek to Manassas feel that Kline’s Freeze is worth the trip.

“I would definitely give Kline’s 100 out of 10 because it’s so good,” Gallegos said.


Sugar Mama’s – Fairfax VA. 5.5 miles from school.

Another unique ice cream spot is Sugar Mama’s, a small business in downtown Fairfax. Since this is an area that some students do not frequently visit, finding a special ice cream spot is a nice discovery.

“I really like ice cream,” senior Joanna Cabalquinto said. “I’m an ice cream enthusiast, so whenever I find a new ice cream place, I have to check it out.”

Serving mainly hand-scooped ice cream, Sugar Mama’s provides many unique flavors that they rotate depending on the season. Additionally, the prices are very reasonable.

“They give you really big scoops, so you get a lot of ice cream for your money,” Cabalquinto said.

An additional advantage of this ice cream location is the personal feeling of a small business, rather than a chain ice cream shop.

“It’s definitely better than going to Ben & Jerry’s or something because it’s not a chain,” Cabalquinto said. “The lady who runs it is really nice; I like talking to her.”

Although Sugar Mama’s is closest to the school, the traffic involved with getting there can be a downside.

“I would give it a rating of 8 out of 10 because I don’t like the traffic driving there,” Cabalquinto said. “The location is not prime, but the ice cream is great.”