Fall activities allow people to enjoy season


Josh Lim

Homestead Farm in Poolesville offers pick-your-own apples.

Josh Lim, Staff Writer

As a cool breeze blows through the air while sitting and relaxing during these chilly days, autumn has arrived. People enjoy the fall season for its many activities and festivals that take place.

Corn Mazes

Back in the 90’s, two men by the names of Don Franz and Adrian Fisher designed and built a maze using corn fields to attract people seeking autumn thrills. After fall has passed and everyone toured and experienced their share, the corn can then be harvested and sold before winter begins. Some farms that include corn mazes are Yankey Farms (10 AM – 5:30 PM) and Cox Farms (10AM – 5PM).

“It’s so fun and hilarious,” said freshman Madyson Matthews “You can get lost with your friends and families while yelling their names and running.”

Fall traditional foods

Apples, pumpkins and many other foods are well-known in the fall. For example, the Celts included apples in many games including festivals like the Gaelic Festivals of Samhain because the fruit was native at that time of year. A dish where apples are used is cider, cider is a drink unfiltered, unsweetened, non-alcoholic beverage. Dishes that are recommended to eat with cider are pies, pancakes, gingerbread and cinnamon sugar doughnuts according to Taste of Home.

“Hot cider tastes amazing with cinnamon,” Bobbala said. “I just think apples and cinnamon is a good combination because it’s good in apple pies too.”

Activities that include food are a way to get active and social with family or friends. One activity is getting everyone in the kitchen to cook and learn new cooking skills while bonding with family members. 

“Apple pies are divine, absolutely delicious,” Matthews said. “The sour and sweetness are quite well balanced, which is why it makes it better than cupcakes which are overly sweet.”

Apple picking

Throughout many generations, apple picking has been a fall tradition that families look forward to doing, not only for picking different variations of apples but also for the experience along the way. A couple of places to pick apples and other fruits are Hartland Orchard located in Markham, Ivandale Farms Nursery located in Hamilton and Butler’s Orchard located in Germantown.

“I’ve never gone apple picking before,” freshman Eshika Gavini said. “But from what I’ve heard, it’s really fun and an enjoyable experience.”