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Chantilly Contests Episode 5

Alexine Cornelio 0:06

Hello everyone. Welcome back to episode five of Chantilly Contests. I am social media editor Alexine Cornelio and today I am joined by two guests. Can you please introduce yourself to our audience? 


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Amelia Marsh 0:18

Hi, I’m Amelia–pronouns she/her–and I’m a junior.


Peyton Dunham 0:22

I’m Peyton. I use he/him pronouns and I’m a sophomore.


Alexine Cornelio 0:25

Thank you so much again for agreeing to do this podcast with me and today we are going to be ranking the most exciting things about summer. Are you guys ready? 


Amelia Marsh 0:34



Alexine Cornelio 0:35

Okay. So first, we’re going to be talking about no school and homework. How does it feel to have no school and homework during summer?


Amelia Marsh 0:43

I love it. Except that I still do. 


Alexine Cornelio 0:45

You still do?


Amelia Marsh 0:46

I still have some stuff that I prep throughout the summer once we get closer to the beginning of the year.


Alexine Cornelio 0:52

But it’s still not so much. 


Amelia Marsh 0:54

That’s true. It’s not so much and I quite enjoy that.


Peyton Dunham 0:57

I kind of enjoy having school because it gives me something to do because I hate not having something to do. Also, I won’t see people as often because a lot of my friends are really busy and out of town all the time, so I’ll be kind of bored but other than that.


Alexine Cornelio 1:08

It’s still nice to not have any homework and no school. There’s lots of stress for some people and it’s kind of hard for them to do some homework. I mean-


Amelia Marsh 1:17

Oh yeah. 


Peyton Dunham 1:17



Amelia Marsh 1:18

I am terrible about doing homework so it’s really nice to not have any.


Peyton Dunham 1:22

I don’t have any homework in the first place. 


Alexine Cornelio 1:24



Amelia Marsh 1:25



Alexine Cornelio 1:25



Amelia Marsh 1:26

I’m in three dual enrollments and an AP and honors. 


Alexine Cornelio 1:30

Wow, that’s a lot. 


Amelia Marsh 1:33

That’s real.


Alexine Cornelio 1:34

Not bad. At least you have one honors right.


Peyton Dunham 1:37

Hey, It’s chemistry so it should count as at least two.


Amelia Marsh 1:39

I hated honors chemistry. 


Peyton Dunham 1:41

I love honors chemistry.


Amelia Marsh 1:42

I loved my teacher. I had Ms. Shankar.


Alexine Cornelio 1:44

Well, we don’t really have much to say about no school and homework. I mean, I feel like we covered it really nice or if it’s something that we have to do, but for summer, it would be something to look forward to. Is it, or?


Peyton Dunham 1:57



Amelia Marsh 1:58



Alexine Cornelio 1:59

Okay, so the next thing we have is being able to hang out with friends.


Amelia Marsh 2:04

I love hanging out with friends in the summer. I like going to the mall a lot–What do you mean ew?


Peyton Dunham 2:09

I hate the mall.


Amelia Marsh 2:11

I love the mall.


Peyton Dunham 2:14

I enjoy a good day at the pool with my friends. That’s a good time, or going to the creek because it’s finally nice and warm so I can go to the creek with all my friends.


Alexine Cornelio 2:21

Yeah it’s true. It’s starting to get hot gradually here in Virginia, the weather. It’s either cold or then it gets hot and then it repeats. It’s kind of crazy.


Amelia Marsh 2:31

It was something that last week, didn’t it get down to 45 degrees and then now the highs are 80, insane.


Peyton Dunham 2:37

Yeah. I’m excited to go play soccer and stuff again.


Amelia Marsh 2:41

Wait, you play soccer? 


Peyton Dunham 2:42

I do play soccer but I’m out for the entire season right now because I can’t play. 


Amelia Marsh 2:46

That’s right because of your knee.


Peyton Dunham 2:47

Yes, my knee.


Amelia Marsh 2:48

Because of your meniscus. 


Peyton Dunham 2:49

Because of my meniscus.


Alexine Cornelio 2:50

Well, hopefully it will heal soon. 


Amelia Marsh 2:52



Alexine Cornelio 2:52

So, the third thing we have is being able to travel.


Amelia Marsh 2:58

I love to travel so much. 


Peyton Dunham 3:00

I don’t go anywhere.


Alexine Cornelio 3:01

You don’t go anywhere?


Peyton Dunham 3:02

I have a family of seven. 


Amelia Marsh 3:04

There you go. 


Peyton Dunham 3:05

We don’t. Well, you see we go to Corolla every year. North Carolina like Corolla because we have friends that have a beach house in Corolla, so they let us use their beach house and so we go there-but other than that, we’re not going to many places because normally we go on our big trip in December over Christmas break. We’ll go to Florida for the week of Christmas. Other than that, we don’t go to a ton of places because there’s a lot of us. And also all my siblings are gone because all of my siblings are adults except for me.


Amelia 3:30

That’s wild oh, wait, that’s kind of the same for me. I’m the last one in the house. I have two older sisters and they’re both, well, one of them is about to graduate college.


Peyton Dunham 3:38

Two of my siblings are graduating. Quinn and Emerson are both graduating college this year and Braeden is graduating high school and so I’ll have two siblings out of college, two in college. 


Amelia Marsh 3:47

The way I didn’t know that you have a sibling in high school. Okay, well back to travel. 


Peyton Dunham 3:52

Back to travel.


Amelia Marsh 3:53

Most of my travel happens during the school year; I went to Italy and I went to Barcelona. 


Peyton Dunham 4:00

I mean, normally when we travel over the summer, it’s me and my dad go and scout adventures, high adventures. And so the last time I traveled during the summer was when me and my dad went to Minnesota with my scout troop to go canoeing for a week. It was a good time. 


Amelia Marsh 4:11



Peyton Dunham 4:11

Don’t knock my canoeing trip. We canoed, one of the days we went 22 miles in one day, it was wild. And then the year before that, we went to Florida for sea bays-so if I’m going traveling during the summer, I’m going camping.


Amelia Marsh 4:23

We are a family of glampers.


Peyton Dunham 4:25

Oh, I’m a boy scout so- 


Amelia Marsh 4:27

I got you.


Peyton Dunham 4:27

And we can’t part.


Amelia Marsh 4:28

That’s fair.


Alexine Cornelio 4:30

It looks like we’re looking forward to travel a lot. How about going to different countries? You said Italy. How about you?


Peyton Dunham 4:37

The only time I’ve been out of the country is when I was on my canoeing trip and we stepped foot into Canada quickly because we had to walk really quickly through Canada. Yeah. So other than that, I’ve never left the country because again, I have a big family. We don’t fly. We drive to Florida every time we go. 


Alexine Cornelio 4:54

Oh, driving.


Peyton Dunham 4:55

I love a good car ride though.


Amelia Marsh 4:56

I do love a good little road trip. 


Alexine Cornelio 4:58

Same. Well, that’s something that we’re looking forward to. The next one is being able to rest.    


Amelia Marsh 5:05

Oh my gosh, I love, love sleeping. That’s probably number one.


Peyton Dunham 5:12

I sleep 16 hours straight and people will text me and think I’m dead because I’m asleep for so long. 


Amelia Marsh 5:18

It’s crazy. 


Peyton Dunham 5:19

I love a nice long nap.


Alexine Cornelio 5:21

Same, It just feels nice when you wake up and then your body’s recharged so I like sleeping too. Being able to rest, since there’s no school, then that also means no homework and instead of doing something, then probably just sleeping would be something that I would do if I don’t know what to do. The fifth one is summer camp.


Amelia Marsh 5:41

I sadly no longer go to summer camps as a camper, but I know a lot of people do and I know that. I’ve only been to one overnight summer camp and I had to leave early because I had an allergic reaction. Yeah, I was not good.


Peyton Dunham 5:55

I go to overnight summer camp every year.


Amelia Marsh 5:57



Peyton Dunham 5:57

Because I go to a Boy Scout summer camp and so we go, my troop goes to a different camp every year for a week and you spend your weekend. And you do merit badges and also you get to pick the activity-so last year, I did motor boating, aquatic sports. I can’t remember what else. I did motor boating, aquatic sports and maybe one or two boring ones but I was already an Eagle Scout by then, so I didn’t need any of the boring ones. And so once you’re an Eagle Scout you get to do…you just do straight fun things. I did some art merit badge or whatever and I just messed around all day long. 


Amelia Marsh 6:20

That’s so real. 


Peyton Dunham 6:21

Yeah, motorboating we just drived. We literally drove motor boats. We drove boats for an hour and for water sports, we went water skiing.


Amelia Marsh 6:27

I would get sunburned. 


Peyton Dunham 6:28

It’s so much fun. I’m doing aquatic sports a second time this year because I didn’t finish it, but I get to do all that stuff. It’s a good time.


Amelia Marsh 6:34

That’s fun. I’m a camp counselor for a non-overnight summer camp.


Alexine Cornelio 6:39

Well, it still sounds fun. I don’t really know what summer camps there are, honestly. But what you guys mentioned are really sounding fun to do. Are you guys doing it this summer?


Peyton Dunham 6: 49

I am going to a summer camp this summer. I can’t remember what camp I’m going to because we go to a different camp every year. But one year, we went to Bayshore. We went to Ockanickon. These are just Boy Scout camps; I think we’re going to Henson this year; maybe. I don’t know.


Amelia Marsh 7:02

I work at a theater camp.


Peyton Dunham 7:05

I applied to work in a theater camp too. I haven’t heard back though.


Amelia Marsh 7:09

Yeah, I’ll be working for two of the six weeks that they had available. So, it’s 15 an hour, so I will take it.


Alexine Cornelio 7:17

Oh, that sounds nice. 


Amelia Marsh 7:18

The kids are nice. Oh, they’re honestly really nice-


Alexine Cornelio 7:22

And you’re getting money.


Amelia Marsh 7:22

They’re a lot but…


Peyton Dunham 7:23

And they’re all theater kids. 


Amelia Marsh 7:25

I mean, they’re theater kids, but they’re different than theater kids.


Peyton Dunham 7:28

Are they though?


Amelia Marsh 7:29

Yes, no because-


Peyton Dunham 7:33

That’s coming from a theater kid. 


Amelia Marsh 7:35

Hey no, exactly, so you can trust me.


Peyton Dunham 7:39

So how are they different from theater kids? 


Amelia Marsh 7:41

Because I spend time with the other theater kids.


Peyton Dunham 7:43

But you’re one of them.


Amelia Marsh 7:44

I am.


Peyton Dunham 7:45



Amelia Marsh 7:46

Hey, I’m not Rachel Berry singing in the middle of class. I don’t break into song regularly.


Alexine Cornelio 7:53

That sounds nice! And then the last one is summer jobs. You mentioned you had a summer job, right?


Amelia Marsh 7:59

I’ve worked two different summer jobs.


Peyton Dunham 8:01

I applied to two places. I applied for the Fairfax County Trades for Tomorrow program for carpentry or cabinetry and I’m in the carpentry class here, so my teachers like, “I’ll put in a good word for you” so, hopeful on that one. And then I also applied to a theater camp to be a counselor there and I haven’t heard back and I don’t think I will. I don’t think I’m ever hearing back from them. My friend that applied heard back and they got denied, but I haven’t heard back. Yeah, I don’t think I’m hearing back from this camp ever. 


Amelia Marsh 8:26

I highly doubt it’s the same one as mine.


Peyton Dunham 8:28

Probably not, but I do think the Trades for Tomorrow program will eventually respond. I think they just come out with a listing later, but that starts in the summer and its full days during the summer. And then it goes into the school year so it would be a fun time.


Alexine Cornelio 8:41

We’ll just hope that they’ll, you know, call back.


Peyton Dunham 8:43



Alexine Cornelio 8:44

Yeah, so those are actually everything for all of the rankings. So what do you think is the first one as?


Amelia Marsh 8:53

My number one has to be being able to rest–like sleeping. 


Peyton Dunham 8:56

Either sleeping… I don’t know. I’m a big fan of summer camp.


Amelia Marsh 9:01

I love-


Peyton Dunham 9:02

Either summer camp or time with friends.


Alexine Cornelio 9:04

We should be able to do one for all of us so- 


Amelia Marsh 9:07



Peyton Dunham 9:07



Alexine Cornelio 9:08



Peyton Dunham 9:09

Together we can pull. I don’t know… I can put rest for number one. Okay if we’re doing collective.


Alexine Cornelio 9:14

I could do that too.


Peyton Dunham 9:16

Rest, number one, chilling with friends number two? 


Amelia Marsh 9:20

That’s definitely number two.


Alexine Cornelio 9:21

Love hanging out with friends, that should be top. Okay, next.


Peyton Dunham 9:25

What’s number three?


Ameia Marsh 9:26

Travel or camps because I love summer camp and I love working with the kids.


Peyton Dunham 9:30

We’re going to put camps at number three, I think. I like how we’re putting school, no school, at the very bottom.


Amelia Marsh 9:35

Well no. I feel that it’s tied with travel for me. 


Peyton Dunham 9:39

Let’s go no school, then travel.


Alexine Cornelio 9:40

Okay, so…


Peyton Dunham 9:41

That works.


Alexine Cornelio 9:42

Fourth will be… what is it again?


Peyton Dunham 9:44

Fourth, no school and then five is travel and then summer jobs. 


Amelia Marsh 9:51

Granted, camps and summer jobs are sort of the same thing for me.


Peyton Dunham 9:54

I’m excited if I can work with the Trades for Tomorrow program. I’d be really excited to do so, but I’ve never had a summer job before.


Amelia Marsh 9:57

That’s right, you’re only a sophomore this year, next year you’re a junior.


Peyton Dunham 10:01

Well you know you’re- Amelia is only 14 days older than me and so-


Amelia Marsh 10:09

I love that you have the statistic at the ready. 


Peyton Dunham 10:11

So she needs to quit her clowning. 


Amelia Marsh 10:14

Hey no. Wait, so that’s on you for not getting a summer job last year.


Peyton Dunham 10:19

I’ve been busy because I normally do swim team and swim team takes up all my time, but I also had swim team. And I had northern tier and I had summer camp. And I was also an ASPL in my troop, which is like an assistant leading the troop, so I was just busy. 


Amelia Marsh 10:34

That’s fair.


Alexine Cornelio 10:35

Our schedules are packed for this summer, isn’t it? I guess I can see how summer jobs is last because we’re saying that rest but then you have something to do. So six will be summer jobs, so our final rankings will be: being able to rest as first, being able to hang out with friends as second, summer camps for third, no school and homework for fourth, being able to travel fifth and summer jobs six. Those are our final rankings. How do you guys feel about that?


Amelia Marsh 11:03

I like it because I would normally be hesitant to put travel so low, but I do most of my travels during the year.


Peyton Dunham 11:09

So do I.


Amelia Marsh 11:09

Like, I’m not doing anything this year. My parents are going to Alaska on a cruise. 


Alexine Cornelio 11:14



Amelia Marsh 11:14

And I’m babysitting my cousin during that time.


Peyton Dunham 11:16

Yeah, my parents are probably gonna wind up somewhere. I know they’re going to Kentucky at some point to get my brother Grayson. My parents… my parents last year, I had to do stuff and so my parents left me and Braeden home for two weeks while they went to Corolla. We had a good time. We actually didn’t do anything. Braeden had marching band and I had scouts, and that was why we were home. 


Alexine Cornelio 11:35



Peyton Dunham 11:36

Yeah, but you know…


Alexine Cornelio 11:37

Well, thank you guys so much for doing this with me. 


Amelia Marsh 11:41

Of course!


Alexine Cornelio 11:41

You guys have been great, great interviewees and talking to you guys. Thank you for doing this. Bye. 


Amelia Marsh 11:49



Peyton Dunham 11:50



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