It’s Twins!


Taking care of kids naturally comes with many responsibilities. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, watching over kids is no easy task. English teachers David and Lyndsay Friedman are no longer taking care of just high school students; they are now caring for their own children at home. Twin baby girls Lillie Charlotte and Lydia Caroline Friedman have brought both joy and new challenges to the couple.

Last year on Feb. 4, when the twins were born, both took a leave of absence to care for their newborn children. While David Friedman returned to school a week after he left, Lyndsay Friedman remained away for the rest of the school year to care for their twins. She has returned this school year to continue her duties of being a teacher.

“It’s a little strange to not be chasing after my girls all day long,” Lyndsay Friedman said. “It’s also nice to have conversations with adults again.”

Between balancing duties at school and responsibilities at home, the Friedmans have had to create a schedule to organize their daily activities. Managing a schedule is essential for the Friedmans to arrange their everyday routines.

“We leave school at about 3:45 or 4:00 [after school] and then we pick [the twins] up, we get home at 4:15 or 4:30, and then we have an hour before they go upstairs to take a bath, then they eat and they go to bed,” David Friedman said. “So, I only get an hour with them, and it’s tough.”

Stricter schedules for both Friedmans push them to fulfill their responsibilities and get from place to place on time.

“It is a struggle now to grade anything at home, [so] I do most of my grading at school during my planning periods,” said Lyndsay Friedman. “When I’m home, I want to spend as much time with them as I can.”

Between caring for the kids and working at the school, the couple’s energy is impacted.

“The biggest thing about the twins [or] any kid is that [they] just wipe you out,” said David Friedman.“You get so tired, you don’t realize what tired is until you’ve had babies.”

Working as a high school teacher alone requires a lot of grading and school meetings, and combining this with the responsibilities of being a parent makes it feel like there is never enough time in the day.  

“I have a lot of meetings this year [because] I’m one of the Class of 2016 sponsors, which means I don’t always get to have more time with [my children,]” said Lyndsay Friedman.

On account of Lyndsay Friedman leaving school last year to care for herself and her coming twins, she reluctantly had to leave behind her students.

“It was bittersweet,” said Lyndsay Friedman. “I really like to finish something once I’ve started it. I really loved being home with my girls, but I [also] missed interacting with my students too.”

Nonetheless, the absence of the two teachers has not altered or interfered with their teaching habits or their duties to the school this year. They are just as dedicated now to the students as they were before becoming parents.

“[Becoming a dad is] the thing that has changed most for me, [but] teaching has always been the same,” said David Friedman. “The growth [and progress I see] with my students is phenomenal, the only difference is finding the time to grade.”


Students of Lyndsay Friedman also feel that she is just as committed and dedicated to teaching as she always has been before leaving on maternity leave.

“I didn’t get to have the full experience of having Mrs. Friedman last year so I am lucky to have gotten that opportunity this year,” returning student of Lyndsay Friedman and junior Zina Tambil said. “It feels awesome [to have her back] because she’s a really great teacher and I really missed her.”

Returning students of Lyndsay Friedman are given another opportunity to work with her after her maternity leave. Tambil says she is excited to have her for a full year this time around.


“I think I’m honestly harder this year than last year,” said Lyndsay Friedman. “It’s probably because I missed being out of the classroom, and I want to make sure that my students are doubly prepared for the end of the year.”

After having missed so much school, Lyndsay Friedman’s drive and passion for teaching have only increased. Her return to school has given a positive effect on her previous teaching style and habits by pushing her students more to do their best.

“It is hard coming back to school and being away from my girls,” said Friedman. “However, I know that I love to teach, [and] it makes me happy.”

David and Lyndsay Friedman’s passion for teaching has not stopped after the birth of their twins. Their ambition to help students learn and gain new skill is still very much a part of their lives.