Students give back with Cards for Care

There are a number of clubs here at the school that students can choose to join, and now students will have another club to consider.

“Cards for Care is a club where students gather together to give back to their community,” club sponsor and English teacher Lauren Freix said. “We have partnered with a nearby hospital, so students meet after school to make cards for [patients].”

The cards are given to patients at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, who stay there for an extended period of time and may not make it home for holidays and other important events.

“Our mission is to spread some positivity and hopefully [bring] a smile [to] someone’s face,” Freix said. “Being in the hospital is not fun, so we hope to make someone’s day [with the cards].”

Students benefit from the club in a variety of ways. Cards for Care provides an escape from stress, a break from school work, and a feeling of joy in helping others.

“I joined the club because I thought it would be a fun experience, and I know the purpose of the club is to bring happiness to those in the hospital,” junior Sofia Gonzalez said. “Making someone smile with a card is worth it. No one deserves to be unhappy.”

Many students feel that the club makes them more compassionate individuals.

“I learn just to be nice and kind to everyone because you never know what someone could be going through,” Gonzalez said. “It’s always nice to help those going through a rough time.”

Club members also receive one service hour per club meeting in exchange for their contributions and participation. This community service hour may go toward any applicable organizations, such as National Honor Society.

“Usually, we meet in Trailer 1, and the officers go over what to write [or] what not to write [for patient’s cards],” Gonzalez said. “I really enjoy being with friends there and giving each other ideas on what to put on the cards. It’s a cool experience.”

Club members meet every second Tuesday of the month, and all students are welcome at any time, as long as they pay the $10 dues. The money received goes toward materials for the cards and providing food and drinks for the members.

“There is always food, music and an associated theme of the month,” Freix said. “For example, in February, our theme was love, December was the holidays and January was looking forward to a New Year.”

The student-run club was founded by juniors Jessica Liu, Komal Desai, and Sarah LeMasters. The three students started the club because they had strong ambitions to help people in the community and unfortunate patients in hospitals.

“Making a club has been our dream since freshman year,” Liu said.

The co-presidents created the club with the desire to give back to local hospitals and express their appreciation for its contributions.

“They do a lot for the community so we just wanted to thank [the hospital] and help make the patients feel a little better,” Desai said.

With the successful launch of the club this year, the co-presidents hope to eventually reach other schools across Fairfax and spread Cards for Care’s influence.

We plan to expand and reach out to other hospitals [as well],” Desai said. “We want to help people and benefit [patients], not just ourselves [students involved in the club].”

The members feel that the club has already been making an impact in the community.

“I think it benefits the community because it’s an act of kindness, and it brings happiness to the patients that are in the hospital,” Gonzalez said. “An act of kindness can go a long way.”