Art: The core of self-expression

Rithika Ashok, Assistant Features Editors

The production of artistic work generally lends itself to the artist’s creativity, and it is dependant upon where an artist’s imagination leads the piece of artwork. Different artistic renderings and interpretations showcase the thought process and creativity behind an artist’s imagination. The numerous outlets of art available at Chantilly enable students to display their creativity and ingenuity.

“My artwork is usually inspired by what I observe around me, or what I feel represents me,” sophomore Bharathi Mathivanan said. “Things from India, like the animals, religious symbols, food and street life normally serve as the [inspiration] behind my pieces.”

Along with visual art, students also participate in novelty art such as manga and anime.

“My artwork is inspired by video games, and my inspiration and creativity mostly stem from my friends who help support me and other artists who offer tips and tricks to improving my art style,” junior Madina Ea said. “Art is definitely a good outlet for me. When I’m feeling very emotional, I’m able to convey it through my drawings without lashing out at anyone. Plus it helps me improve my art skills.”

A popular outlet for creative expression, visual art manifests itself in many ways. Although the muse may change, the beneficial effects of creating art remain the same.

“I usually pay attention to things around such as how people look. Also, I browse the internet and just enjoy looking at different things, which help me naturally come up with creative ideas,” junior Sandra Song said. “Drawing is a good outlet for me because it’s peaceful when I am working on my artwork, and I get a chance to look inside myself and my life when I’m drawing. Also, art doesn’t involve intensive thinking unlike reading or studying. [Additionally,] I get to express myself through art and what I am passionate about.”

Creativity through art is present in the students of Chantilly, and their dexterity and talent aid the stories they tell in their pieces of artwork.

“Art is a form of creative communication,” Song said.