Review: students share favorite anime

Shivani Sethu, Opinions Editor

Japanese animations have been on the rise internationally for decades but have gained popularity recently. The distinctive art form, exciting graphics and unique stories make it one of the most compelling genres on television. With over 10,000 Anime, each one with its own complex world and characters, there is an anime out there for everybody. 

“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”

Brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric fight an alchemist in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (

This series, streaming on Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max, follows two brothers after their failed attempt to resurrect their mother, which results in one losing two limbs and the other losing his entire body, his soul being tethered to a suit of armor. The two are alchemists who attempt to track down the philosopher’s stone in the hopes of restoring their original bodies; however, they must fight others along the way to do so.

“The main characters’ dynamic is one of the things that carried the show,” sophomore Faris Sabit said. “A great thing about their relationship is that they are both seen as the protagonists, and even though they’re such different characters, they are able to bounce off each other well.”

The series is an adaptation of the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist,” which is based on the original manga created by Hiromu Arakawa. Though both are highly acclaimed, “Brotherhood” is widely believed to be the better of the two as it follows the manga closer, has a more complete story and has better animation and voice acting.

With a show this action-packed, the graphics are just as important as the plot itself, and “Brotherhood” delivers on both counts. Not only are there well-executed displays of alchemy and intense fighting throughout, but the loss suffered by the characters and their close bonds because of it make the show more compelling.    

“The show has numerous strong female side characters and while some of them are based on certain archetypes, they’re made out to be flawed individuals which makes them realistic,” Sabit said. “The characters are the reason why I like the show as much as I do, and the ending is really good as well.”


Main characters Shirogane and Kaguya featured on the cover of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War (Viz Media)

“Kaguya-sama: Love is War”

This comedy-romance, found on Hulu, centers around two high school student council members who have feelings for each other but refuse to admit it, as that would be considered losing the war of love. Each of them is determined to get the other to confess their feelings, but are too proud to be the first to do so. 

The show’s episodic nature, simply featuring a disconnected series of battles between the characters, makes it a relaxing one to sit back and enjoy without having to follow a complex plot. The overdramatic commentary, absurd mind games and extreme stubbornness of the characters in trying to get a confession also make the show highly entertaining. 

“‘Love is War’ is my second favorite anime due to its upbeat and light-hearted storyline,” junior Alissa Nguyen said. “The show is incredibly funny and each character has a distinct personality which overall makes the show interesting to watch.”

“Mob Psycho 100”

Mob shown surrounded by both his friends and foes on the cover of Mob Psycho 100 (HBO Max)

The show, streaming on HBO Max, is an action-comedy about a middle schooler named Mob who tries to keep his psychic powers under control while attempting to live a normal life. He deals with the everyday struggles of a teenager as he tries to figure out his purpose in life and get the attention of his crush. 

“The show focuses on Mob’s character development and how the other characters around him impact him,” Sabit said. “Throughout most of the show, he is emotionless because he is scared of hurting people with his powers. However, when he lets his emotions out, he becomes much stronger, usually while fighting another person with psychic abilities.” 

Throughout the show, Mob attempts to suppress his feelings because when his emotions reach 100%, he loses control of his powers and could become very dangerous. To help train his abilities, Mob works after school for Reigen Arataka, a man who claims to be a psychic and exorcist in order to scam people out of their money. 

Though the show has no shortage of action-filled scenes, it is able to balance them with a mixture of comedy and heartfelt emotion that makes it an enjoyable watch. The main character’s struggles as he treads the line between accepting his responsibilities and abusing his power make the show more real. Mob’s relationships with his brother, who loves him but is jealous of his power, and the friends he makes in his journeys also keep the reader invested throughout.

Other popular anime include “Death Note” and “Hunter x Hunter,” streaming on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Tubi and Pluto TV; “Attack on Titan,” found on Tubi and Hulu; “My Hero Academia,” streaming on Hulu; and “Naruto,” on Netflix, Hulu, Tubi and Pluto TV.