Off-Air: The Knightly News produces behind-the-scenes


Photo by Kristine Brown

Executive producers and seniors Graceyn Jones and Josh Thomas film their anchor announcements for the Oct. 15 show in the broadcast studio on Oct. 14.

Gaby Gutierrez, Staff Writer

As the numbers on the screen count down and the familiar theme song starts to play, students turn their heads to watch The Knightly News (TKN) every morning. Many students have seen the news, but don’t know the people and process behind the scenes.

To create segments, staff reporters choose who to work with, and then pitch segment ideas. After that, each person or group is responsible for collecting interviews, recording B-rolls (film clips) and editing using Adobe Premiere.

For sophomore Lauren Sousa, interviewing people in the community is her favorite part of the process, since it helps showcase individuals and gives them a platform to share their voice.

“Everyone’s perspectives are so different,” Sousa said. “I love seeing how passionate people are about the subjects they talk about.”

From the Human Equal Rights Organization (H.E.R.O.) to the drama department’s plays, TKN sheds light on the many events and individuals in the school. Students may also suggest a topic for TKN to create a segment on at [email protected]

“[Some] things at CHS go unnoticed,” producer and junior Eli Elhers said. “Many students come up to me and [tell me] that they had no idea CHS had a [certain] club, so [TKN] is a really cool program.”

Broadcast journalism is a multi-year elective. It also allows students to gain leadership positions as producer and executive producer their second and third year on staff, if interested. Producers critique segments throughout the process and answer any questions while also completing their own segments. Executive producers run the studio and oversee the class in addition to editing all segments into the completed show. 

“Journalism has influenced my high school experience in a very positive way,” Elhers said. “It’s always fun to go into the broadcast room [because the class has] a family atmosphere, so everyone is close.”

TKN has reported on a range of topics from a spotlight on the Mid-Atlantic Photo Contest to the Charge Ahead program. Different electives and upcoming events have also gotten their own segments, such as veterinary science and culinary arts as well as SATs, senior graduation and homecoming. All of broadcast journalism’s previous segments can be found on TKN’s YouTube page.

“[TKN] helps connect people,” executive producer and senior Lizzie Stone said. “You could watch it [one day] and see yourself on TKN [since TKN represents] our community. It is a part of [the] experience here at CHS.”