The Purple Tide

Subschool Assistants: The unsung heros of Chantilly

Sudharshana Krishnan and Valerie Bueno

March 7, 2016

Most students see them at least a few times in their high school career, sitting in front of each of the subschools with a table full of passes and schedules. With the amount of responsibilities they attend to on a day-to-day...

Phil Dolinger : the man behind the lens

Sudharshana Krishnan, arts and style editor

March 7, 2016

Students see him on the field taking photos and athletes hope he has captured the perfect moment of their game. But who is this man standing behind the camera? Phil Dolinger began taking photographs at Chantilly events on a...

Behind the Lens: Meet Chantilly’s student photographers

December 11, 2015

Jaebin Cha While visiting Seoul, South Korea, in May 2014, senior Jaebin Cha noticed a man taking photos of an ordinary street. Cha was fascinated by the foreigner and why he wanted to take a photo of a market street. When...

Students get “vegucated”

Sudharshana Krishnan, Arts&Style Editor

November 4, 2015

“You’ve never had bacon?” or  “You can’t eat cake?” are some of the questions that some vegetarians, vegans or both have to answer on a daily basis. Vegetarians and vegans are two different things but are sometimes co...

Everybody Likes Joe

Everybody Likes Joe

September 22, 2015

Have a Splash at the Best Local Pools this Summer

Sudharshana Krishnan, assistant arts and style editor

June 4, 2015

Although the official start to summer is June 21, many teenagers consider the first day of summer to be the day when the pools open: May 23. Most students and faculty members belong to a community pool. If you are not a member...

FCPS debates Grading System Change

June 3, 2015

From the moment a student enters high school until the time they throw their caps in the air at graduation, one of the biggest concerns among students is their grades. Many students work hard in order to obtain high grades and...

How to: Promposal

Sudharshana Krishnan, Assistant Arts & Style Editor

March 26, 2015

It’s the season for posters with puns, scavenger hunts and flash mobs. That’s right, it’s promposal time. As the end of March approaches, many upperclassmen are thinking about prom and what a great night it will be. Among...

Runs in the Family

Sudharshana Krishnan, Assistant Arts & Style Editor

February 26, 2015

Painting, pizza, landscaping, autobody, and tex-mex make up the multitude of unique family businesses that students are involved in. Although many students have different feelings towards their families businesses, they also help...